Valley of the Kings

September 14, 2007

By Tanya GoudsouzianMadrid   In 1999, a referendum was held in Egypt to determine whether or not the people wanted presidential elections. It cam...


Goodbye, Baghdad

June 8, 2007

We've decided to leave our home. The only other option is extending the nightmare of life in Iraq   By Riverbend   We've finally dec...


All quiet in Muscat

December 19, 2006

By Conor Purcell   Oman is at once the forgotten country of the Middle East, and paradoxically, the most quintessentially Arabian. It might not b...


Taking in Bahrain

October 21, 2006

By Daniel Bardsley (?Gulf News? Staff Reporter) Up ahead I could see two circular towers ? and they were identical except for one crucial detail. ...