New initiative for Western Armenian learners

New initiative for Western Armenian learners is launched announces the release of its new issue, which involves contributions from various individuals, aimed at providing support to children learning Western Armenian through innovative educational programs and creative projects.

Bourag engages all of its staff members in active participation and contribution to the program. This initiative introduces new educational opportunities and artistic endeavors during the course of work. Bourag aims to provide essential resources such as teachers, artists, writers, and creative materials for Armenian children in schools and daycare centers.

The first issue of Bourag is now available online and in print. It includes 11 videos and 22 texts. Bourag commits to continuously adding updates and new content, with fresh articles and editorials for its readers.

Additionally, Bourag is open to expanding its content with new sections, analysis, interviews, and creative publications.

Azad-Hye notes by Hrach Kalsahakian