Anna Dolabjian: I feel life coaching as a dream coming true

Anna Dolabjian

When you change the way you look at things, things you look at change!

Life Coach Anna Dolabjian is currently visiting Dubai. We had the opportunity to meet her and ask her few questions about her life and career.

– The word “life coaching” is steadily gaining momentum. What is there behind these two words?

Life coaching has emerged in the past few decades as an answer to this fast-changing world. As a life coach, I am a “shortcut to solutions.” Through powerful tools such as Time Paradigm Techniques and Hypnotherapy, I guide people out of their problems without getting deep into their past. Subsequently, they are relieved from their phobia, trauma, conflicts and even chronic pains and ailments. In another word, they get closer to a status of well being.

– How did you find yourself in the middle of this profession?

I consider my life as a metaphor for “dreams coming true.” People can draw parallels of this.

Being born in Armenia by parents who have repatriated from Egypt, my childhood was full of a significant number of fabulous stories related to the country of the Pharaons. Eventually, fate took me to Egypt, where I built a new life, with family and promising career. Inside me, the identities of my mother as a linguist and my father as a physician intermingled in a way that the linguist flourished and the physician preserved itself as a sincere desire.

In 2015 I had another twist in my life, with the knowledge of a different kind of language: the Language of the Mind, The Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Interestingly enough, with the introduction of this phase in my life I have a strong feeling that I am following the footsteps of my late father Dr. Prof. Zaven Dolabjian, the renowned authority in Cardiology, publicly acknowledged as the doctor of the “hearts.”

I can only marvel how life has brought together my passion for languages and the deep urge for healing people, thus fulfilling my age long dream of becoming a doctor.

– Any particular advice you can give to the readers?

Live life like a fairy tale, there is no impossible.

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Mrs. Anna Dolabjian is an International Master Life Coach. She spends her time in several countries (Egypt, UAE, Spain, Armenia, and the USA).