Renovation of the Ghukasavan Cultural Center’s main hall

Renovation of the Ghukasavan Cultural Center’s main hall

GHUKASAVAN village, ARARAT region

Half-ruined ceiling, damp and shabby walls, windows covered with spiderwebs, dangerous electrical wirings, cold and dusty floor, old and broken furniture, lack of elementary conditions such as ventilation, heating, dressing room facilities, wardrobes, training, sports, and other equipment.

In such conditions, around seventy children get trained in sports and dance. Children’s commitment and desire to achieve high results are so great that teachers try to provide the minimum conditions for training using their limited personal resources to make the children’s dreams come true in sports and dance.

Despite all these difficulties, these young athletes achieve leading positions in the local and international competitions and mark victories.

The choreographer and the trainers are sure that the renovated hall and the overall improvement of the conditions will be a stimulus for the young for achieving even better results.

The Freedom of the Press and Civil Society Development Center NGO (, InternationalTV,, to support the education of the needy young generation and make their dreams come true, has initiated the creation of a “NEW LIFE” series. The first edition will focus on renovating the hall of Ghukasavan Cultural Center through donations and equipping it with high-quality furniture. and the above NGO will ask for donations and monitor the transparency of the transactions. They will present the outcome of what has been already achieved and what is in the pipeline through video clips. They will also present the names and benevolent actions of the donors.

Naregatsi Art Institute has already supported the initiative.

We fully hope that other people will be engaged in supporting us for the benefit of future generations.

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Text by Emma Karapetyan

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