Joelle Mardinian, Middle East TV presenter and make-up artist

Joelle Mardinian, Middle East TV presenter and make-up artist

JOELLE MARDINIAN'S SHOW ON MBC PAN-ARAB TVAzad-Hye, Dubai, 15 August 2006: From the moment Joelle Mardinian appeared on MBC (the leading free-to-air, pan-Arab, news and entertainment channel), she managed to keep the spotlight on her, although her frank comments stirred rounds of debate in the audience.


To make things worse, the nature of her show “Bel Saraha Ahla” (Better with frankness) is based upon how to change the look of the participants and unmasked everything hidden in their characters.


Nevertheless, Joelle succeeded in getting closer to the public. She established herself as an authority in matters of elegance and beauty.


Below are parts of an interview with Joelle Mardinian (originally in Arabic language) published in the no. 153 issue of Dubai?s “Ahlan” weekly (3-9 August 2006):


There is something that sets you aside, that is your multi-national status. To which country you feel that you belong?

My paternal grandfather is Armenian (married to a Lebanese lady), while my maternal grandfather is Italian (married to a Syrian lady). This variety has created a feeling of uniqueness and distinctiveness inside me, which accompanied me even in Lebanon. This is why I am not a hundred percent Lebanese. I lived for some time in London, where I felt integrated in the British society, but at a certain point I needed a change in my life. My next station was Dubai, where I sensed a kind of stability, something which I lacked in the past.


How did you use this richness inside you to fulfill your quest for beauty and elegancy?

My interest in fashion and beauty is party of my personality and I admit that this controls even my everyday life. For example, when I see a passer by or meet someone in the street, I instinctively start to observe him or her and get into the details of the clothing, hairstyle or face, checking what the person wears, in an attempt to define the best combination to obtain a better look.


What about information circulating recently in the Arab press criticizing your claim to be an ex-Miss Italy?

I think some people misunderstood the whole issue. In fact I was elected as Miss Italian Communities Worldwide during a contest in Britain. I have pictures to prove that. Some people misread this and used it as a tool to harm my image and to accuse me with forgery. It would have been better if they had contacted me prior of making a big issue out of it. By the way, I acquired this beauty title by mere coincidence. When I was 18 years old, my teacher encouraged me to take part in the contest. This was not close to my future dream. It was a mere experience. My main interest remains the same, be make-up artist. I did also some modeling for a short period of time.


Did you find the visual media suiting your taste?

I do not like to be an ordinary presenter. I do not believe that after my current MBC show “Bel Saraha Ahla”, I will be willing to do other shows without having make-up and beauty as main topics. This particular show was the first of its kind in the Arab world.


Did you find difficulty in asking people to participate in your show, AHLAN MAGAZINE FONT PAGE COVER JOELLE MARDINIANespecially that you are known with your frankness and forthrightness in criticizing the look of some people and asking them without hesitation or consideration to their feelings to change their clothes and overall style?

In fact, after two years of working in the Arab environment I became less daring, compared to what I used to be in the past, especially after noticing how fond the participants are in accepting compliments. This in fact is against my personality. I need to tell the truth, especially since I believe everyone has special type of beauty and all a person needs is to know how to bring forth the inner elements.


The present trend of programs that change the look of a person depend mainly on surgical interventions. Do you think your show can compete with this kind of shows?

I have added several new sections in my show, such as the section on advices and instructions, where I answer the viewers? enquiries. There are also other sections, such as the expert?s advice on certain issues (dental, skin, etc.) The most recent surprise is the addition of a section on surgical treatment for participants who have great need to do so.


What about comparing your show with another one in MBC called ?Sytle?,  presented by ex-Miss Lebanon Joelle Bohlok?

There is nothing to compare. ?Style? focuses on fashion and design news, while what I do is to provide instructions on how to choose what to wear and how to take care of your appearance, etc. The only resemblance between the two programs is that we both carry the same name Joelle.


We would like to know something about your private life and your relations with your husband?

I agreed with my husband to get a divorce. Despite that we will still maintain strong friendship. My four years old son lives with me and visits his father during the weekends.


Do you have any new person in your life?

All I can say is that I am in love with someone. 


What about the beauty DVD that you are planning to produce?

It is a DVD with step by step instructions in beauty matters. I consider this project as a dream that came through.




MBC's show “Bel Saraha Ahta”, presented by Joelle Mardinian

Each episode features a not-so-fashionable teenager, who will undergo drastic transformations. Of course viewers will witness each stage in the transformation. This includes watching a document showing the person in his or her own daily life prior to the makeover. Further, family and friends share personal background about the participant. As for the viewers, they will get free tips on hair and make-up styles.


The host of the program is a celebrity wardrobe and make-up artist Joelle Mardinian, who has worked with top print magazines.


Joelle Mardinian?s beginnings


Born in Beirut to an Italian/Syrian mother who is also a professional make-up artist, Joelle has a deep understanding of make-up in her genes.

Growing up, her mother was her greatest inspiration as she inherited her passion for fashion and make-up. Joelle?s fascination for beauty and make-up started at a very young age, she was just 8 years old. At the age of 14 her family took her and moved to London. Where she formalized her love of make-up by earning a qualification from ?Grease Paint? make-up school in London. Then there was no looking back. She worked with many famous stars for ?Sony Records? on Photo shoots, Video clips and Concerts.


Joelle moved to Dubai to work for MBC as a professional stylist and make-up artist in her own show ?Be Saraha Ahla?. Joelle?s reputation of reinventing a face attracted attention from her audience and fashion experts alike. Her ability to take any face and finish with a unique make-up look became her trademark.


Continually driven to expand the name of Joelle Mardinian, she is currently working on a number of projects for the future.


Some professional services provided by Joelle Mardinian:


1- Private makeup application for special occasions:

Bridal Make-up, Photoshoot Make-up etc.


2- Private Make-up teaching skills:

Teaching how to choose the right male-up and colors. How to apply make-up correctly. Different styles that suit your facial features etc.


3- Styling / Shopping trip:

Styling your existing wardrobe. Shopping trip for a special dress or an entire new wardrobe.


4- Total Makeover:

a. A shopping trip, a trip to the hairdresser and make-up application.

b. A trip to the hairdresser and a make-up application.


In the summer of 2006 Joelle Mardinian continues her seminars at the ?Dubai Ladies Club?, teaching different age groups skills on Make-up, hair, skin care and clothing.


Joelle Mardinian and Zahrat Al Khaleej pan Arab monthly With Oyoun magazine

“Zahrat Al Khaleej”


With Al Maraa Al Yaoum (Woman Today) magazine With Nisaa 2000 magazine

    “Al Maraa”

“Nisaa 2000”


Website of Joelle Mardinian:

Email: [email protected]



1- Upper photo: Joelle Mardinian and her ?Bel Saraha Ahla? show on MBC TV Satellite station.

2- Other photos representing Joelle Mardinian as front page cover of known Arabic magazines (”Ahlan”, “Zahrat Al-Khaleej”, “Oyoun”, ?Al Maraa”, ?Nisaa 2000?).

  1. Hi Joelle, I love your show. I watch it every week. I can't wait to see what you are going to do next. I would love to be on your show to see what you can do with me.

  2. Hey Joelle how are u?

    i just wana say that i love u :$

  3. hi joelle how are i love your show so much i haven't missed one show and you make every single person so happy inside and out, because of you i love make up and been doing make overs for my friends and family for 3 years so far (adore make up) also going to school for make up and nails and so on i just want to pursue my life in making people happy and beauty from the inside and out mostly you are my role model i adore you adore your show and maybe one day i might get a make over on mbc never know well thats all i have to say caio

  4. Hi Joelle. Ana esmi Amani from Australia. Everyone in Australia comes to our house just to watch you and everyone loves u because you are so pretty and a very nice lady.



  5. ghizlane belaksir July 13, 2007, 1:45 pm

    Hi I am Ghizlan from Morocco. I like you so and I hope to meet you, Thank you so much Joelle for your time and for your nice smile.

  6. Hi Joelle I like your show so much. I hope I can be one of your guests one day.

  7. GUENDOUZI NABILA July 15, 2007, 10:46 am



  8. Hi Joelle, I am Natasha from Sweden. Just I wanna tell you how much I like to watch  your show, and I wanna say I love you and your show.



  9. Hi Joelle, I'm ASMA from Tunisia. I just wanna tell you that?I love your show and I love you so so so?much and?I hope from my God to meet you, because?you have a so wonderful soul especialy when?I see your face I see an angel.?I like your way of make up! and?I find it very artistique! God bless you. Kisses.

  10. Salut Joelle

    Comment vas tu? Je voulais te dire a nouveaux bravo pour le travail que vous faites toi et toutes ton ?quipe de professionel remarquable. Je suis l'une de vos meilleurs fans de votre ?mission je n'en rate pas une du moins j'essaie, ou je l'enrengistre.!!!vous souhaitant une tr?s bonne continuation et une longue dur?e Inchallah a l'?mission, vous apporter que du bonhneur et un plaisir a revivre a chaque candidats. Merci Joelle Bizoux.  

  11. أولا وقبل كل شيء أشكركم على كل المجهودات التي تقومون بها  وأنا أترجاكم و عندي طلب أرجوا أن أجد الرد منكم في أسرع وقت وهذه تساؤلاتي لقد أرسلت عدة رسائل الى جويل وعند استلامهم الرسائل يكتبون سوف نرد عليكي في أسرع وقت لكن للأسف الشديد لم أتلقى ولو اجابة منها ومع العلم أنا كثير محتاجة لها فأرجوكم وأترجاكم أخواني أن تحاولون ايصال رسالتي هذه للأخت جويل وشكرا كثير ومع العلم أنا من الجزائر

  12. Hi Joelle, MashAllah

    You have the best show about beauty that I have ever seen in the U.S.–Canada and throughout the Middle East.

    I am a makeup artist also. I am obsessed with makeup and learning different techniques from the best.

    I look forward to watching your shows and all the success stories.

    InshAllah I will have a chance one day to be on your show. I would love to take your advice and criticism and learn from you.

    Wish you all the best always,

    Hooda (spfld. MASS. U.S.A.)




  14. yasmin abdulkader April 30, 2008, 5:48 pm

    joelle ana 6am3ana be mosharakty fe barnamajek walahi  barnamajek  7elo we naje7 kter yarab ewafaqkom walhi ento  3edkom thawab keber 3end alh  yama fara7to nas alh efare7kom yarab ana kaman ekole 7ath we  asharek fe barnamajek    ana moqema be holanda we 3ore mafawatet  barnamajek  walahi yama 7elemet   be an akon wa7ed mn el moshtareken  washokran

  15. Hi my name is Nazira and I am 53 years old. I am writing to you because I have some problems that I don't like my face and my teeth, etc. I have wrinkels and around my eyes in black color. Please I need your help. If you see this mail I will be greatful if you will call me. I live in Sweden and my number is 0046762872362


    Nazira El Masri


  16. Salamu allekum,
    wow Joelle. I think u are the most beautiful woman on the world. I and my familie see your channel because we learn so much.  MRMR
  17. Hi Joelle

    I love your show too much and want to be in it. Please confirm me. My name is Sarah. I am 19 years old from Lebanon. My number is 70975114.

  18. henda bkhairia June 2, 2008, 1:03 pm

    Hi Joelle. Ana Ohib kathiran barnamajek. Atamanna almoucharaka fih. I hope to change my look. I am 30 years old and I am married. Contact me please. I am Tunisian living in USA.

  19. Hi Joelle. Your program is very special and you are too. It gives us hope to be more beautiful not for the others, but firstly for ourselves. I wrote these lines to thank you with the hope to be among the lucky women that you look after them… all the best wishes to you and your show.  

  20. Hi Joelle. You are so much beautifiul. I am Zeineb from Tunisia. I am 20 years old and I have watched every week your program. I'd like to participate with you. My phone is +216 21066259. Thank you.

  21. Hi Joelle. I Love and I admire your work and your ability to create beauty, and a master piece. I was wondering where I can buy your DVD in the United States. Thank you again.  

  22. hi joielle

    je souhaite venir dans ton programme svp je suis rihem? de tunisie

  23. Hi Joelle. It is me Fouad Haidar. We meet before, if you remember (make up artist). Hope to work near you as a team in Dubai … ya ret mnetwasal again. I care to be there and back .. 00961/3/114625 or send an email plz.  

  24. Hi Joelle. My name is Hoda. I am 41 years old. I am from Egypt. Please call me. My telephone number is 0122899535.


  25. Hi Joelle, I have to say that your show is totally amazing and your perfection in make up and style is truly out of this world! I would like my mother to participate on your show and so would I desperatly, as we both need a complete make over. We are Egyptian and living in London so please please contact us as we really like your show and what beautiful things you do to people is so amazing. My contact number is 00447970120024.

    Thank you so much and take care…

  26. Nian Ahmad Tawfik July 13, 2008, 2:26 pm

    Hi Joelle. Can you call my please. 0044735803061

  27. slt je m'appel amina j'ai 28 ans  je suis algerienne et je veut vien participer a votre emission car j'ai bein besoin de me relooquer  car je mirite bien j'ai plein de defaut vous tres belle et charmante.   

  28. Hi I was wondering where I can find Joelle Mardinian Makeup secret DVD. Please help me. Thanks.

  29. Dear Joelle,

    This is Marlene from Brussels. I wonder with what was written here, I can't find anything about our show and it was the first show bride for the MBC. It was a very good memory to me. I have a son now (Maxim), who works with Miss Belgium on a show I was hoping to see you soon. I became fat and I need your help again after being mother.  

    Best regards for you and Kamal and all the staff.

    Marlene Taki  

  30. اهلا جويل انا من اكثر المعجبات ببرنامجك الرائع الذي نستفيدمنه كثيرا. انا احب كثيرا الموضة والازياء وخاصة خاصة المكياج. املك كميات هائلة من المكياج لكن لا اعرف استعماله اريد المشاركة في برنامجك. انا من الجزائر، عمري 27 سنة. ارجو منك ان تقبلي مشاركتي.  

  31. Hi Sweetheart, je m'appelle Asma, je suis tunisienne, je suis deteint bronz?, j'ai les cheveux long et noir, les yeux noirs, le nez drois, je p?se 65 kg et de1.73m, de taille 42, j'adore ton programme, c'est vr?ment un vr?s plaisir de te voir chaque semaine, ma belle mon mariage est dans une ann?e j'esp?re que tu pourra m'aider ? am?liorer mon look et surtout pour ma merveilleuse nuit, porrais-jecompter sur toi s.v.p?

  32. Salut, je m'appelle nora hosni de maroc j'ai 12ans j'aime beaucoup les maquillage car il est belle je t'a donner cette phrase je t'aime comme le raint mai la raint pour le roi et toi pour moi.

  33. salut ca va joelle .je t'aime beaucoup .je m'appelle widad hosni du maroc j'aime bien participer a ton emission j'ai 17 ans je suis etudiente au bacalaur?at lettres moderne .j'ai plusieurs probl?me comme ;;j'ai 74 kg et 159cm j'ai le visage rond. petite bouche .j'ai aussi une grande probl?me que je crois qu'il est tr?s difficile c'est;;des boutton sur mon visage et des points noires bon je souhaite que ma lettre trouvera chez vous un eceuil chaleureux .alors je vais attentre avec impaciense ton invitation.bye

  34. Salut JOELLE, je m'appelle Fayza, Algerienne, je voudrais participer ? votre ?mission, je veux me relouk?, je vous adore vous ?tes vr?ment artiste madame, vous faite des merveilles avec votre boite de maquillage. J'attend votre r?pense avec impacience…

  35. hay jolle ana zoubaida min belgique ana batabi dayman program inti btaadi wbahib ktir new look wa lmakiage li btaamalih lilmouchtarikat biyatlaou ktir hilwat nifsi achtarik maakoum wasir hilwa zayek ana sarli zaman magaiartich look tabai achan mandich wakt bas haba achtarik bi lprogramme merci jolle watmana rad minik fi akrab wakt merci

  36. Dear Joelle!

    I like your programm very much, you give hope and love for everyone, whoever is watching you. I need an opportunity to feel beautiful like the women you worked with. But I need a complete change over, from the hair style till the feet nails.

    Looking forward hearing from you.

    Claudia (email)

  37. dorsaf BEN AHMED November 7, 2008, 9:46 am


  38. bonjourjoelle

    je regarde votre ?mision chaque semaine vraiment bravo bravo et j'esp?re de tout mon coeur qu'un jour je serais votre invit?e .

    la tunisienne kaouther

  39. Ciao, sono sara abito in Italia, ma sono dal marocco; ho 12anni il giorno 5di febbraio compio 13. vorrei fare quello k fanno nel tuo bellissimo programma. vorrei tanto partecipare.  

    vi prego


  40. Hi Joelle. I love your show all the best.

  41. salut   moi c est une jeune fille marocaine  agee de 29 j ai un seul reve c est que vous maider a vivre  heureuse c et acause de mon visage que je suis mheureuse  de puis mon enfance j avais un drole nez ainnsi des levres de lapain aide moi madame  a realiser mon reve des que je vois votre emmission je me mts a peure car j ai peur de jamis ne realiser mon reve et devivre toujours mlheureuse   je t aime madame joeil et je vous ensupli de m aider    pour vivre comme tote les filles du monder aider moi  je vous empri

  42. SALUT,

    SVP comment m'inscrire avec Joelle Ahla


  43. imane el guezzar November 27, 2008, 6:00 am

    ciao joelle sono imane ho 25anni prima cosa vorrei fare i complemente a te perche sei molto bella e molto elegante.ho voglia anzi spero che mi invite a la tua programa perche sono pazza di quello che fai alle donne di trucco e vestiti e capelli e sono tante programe assomilia in tante canale anche qua in italia ma io te guro vedo che la tua il melliore di tutto non ha un complemento ma veramente. io ho bisgno il tuo auito sai quanto belle le donne italiane e quanto sono elegante anche io vorrei esser bella e sei l unica joelle che poi darmi qusto regalo della vita.spero di revedirti sempre sul canal mbc ciao bella un bacio

  44. bonjour Joelle je regarde votre ?mision chaque semaine vraiment bravo bravo et j'esp?re de tout mon coeur qu'un jour je serais votre invit?e  je t'aime beaucoup .je m'appelle nabila de france mes je suis dorigine algerinne  j'aime bien participer a ton emission j'ai 19 ans je suis etudiente au bacalaur?at lettres moderne .j'ai plusieurs probl?me comme ;;j'ai 74 kg et 159cm j'ai le visage rond. petite bouche .j'ai aussi une grande probl?me que je crois qu'il est tr?s difficile c'est;;des boutton sur mon visage et des points noires bon je souhaite que ma lettre trouvera chez vous un eceuil chaleureux .alors je vais attentre avec impaciense ton invitation.bye

    أولا وقبل كل شيء أشكركم على كل المجهودات التي تقومون بها  وأنا أترجاكم و عندي طلب أرجوا أن أجد الرد منكم في أسرع وقت وهذه تساؤلاتي لقد أرسلت عدة رسائل الى جويل وعند استلامهم الرسائل يكتبون سوف نرد عليكي في أسرع وقت لكن للأسف الشديد لم أتلقى ولو اجابة منها ومع العلم أنا كثير محتاجة لها فأرجوكم وأترجاكم أخواني أن تحاولون ايصال رسالتي هذه للأخت جويل وشكرا كثير ومع العلم أنا من الجزائر

  45. salut Joelle je vous remer?i pour votre charmant programe qui est tr?s inter?ssent ainsi que la participation de toute l ?quipe de l'?mission .

  46. hi joelle.ana hana min tunis  25 sana .ana habba aji 3ala il barnamij wallahi habba aghayir fi chakli. fi ktir haget fiya za3jani;


     please joelle

    allah ma3ik et allah ywaffa2ik

    domti dayman inti il ahla ya rab

    mon tel number +21621321488

  47. ahlin habibti joelle

    ana manel omri27 metzawja men 3 snin ana bhebo la zawji ktir w awza atgayar men ajlou .ana ma bjib awlad w awza ala al akal asir helwa zayek menchen zouji walachan tetrokni hamatiom zawji fi hali.

    arjouki jawbini


  48. Hi Joelle I wanna say bravo  and I like you so much because you are so beautiful nice cute helpful and elegant. I am Fadi from Saudi Arabia I become sick, because I did silicone injection in my face. The result was terrible. Now I am away from people. I resigned from my job. I am divorced. I lost every thing. I am so sick. Please I am looking for your help. I trust you 100% Please help me.

  49. Hi I'm Sara from Morroco. I hope to go to your show to be so beautiful. I hope too that you can help me to feel so happy. I love you a lot Joelle.



  50. bonjour joelle je m apelle j adore ton travaile je suis a paris ca fait un peu pres 5 ans grasse atoi je cherche maintenant des etudes comme toi si vous pouvais me conseiller comment je commence je suis tres fiere de toi parce que vous faites des miracles avec les gens je t aimme beaucoup

  51. joelleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee miss world b nazare bt3a2de bt3a2de bt3a2de,ana lebnaniye bas b africa bas 7al2a wehde ma afeit mn 7al2etik l waw.w srt heb dubai mn warake.

  52. Salut Joelle Je M'appelle Latifa J'ai 42 Ans J'habbite En Fran?e Je Suis Dorigine Algerienne Je Regarde Votre ?mission Depuit Longtemp Je Sou?tte Vous Rencontrer J'ai Des D?faux Des Tache Marron Sur Mes Dans Je Ne Peut Pas Sourire,  Je Voudrait Changer Mon Look (Mon Style).Alors CI Je Pourez Vous Rencontres Pour Mes Soins je Serez La A Vous Attendre Avec Inpassience… Mon adresse Msn:[email protected] Alors Veuillez Me Contactez Au Plus Vite S.v.p Je Sais Que Vous Avez Beaucoup De Personne A Prendre en Charge Merci De Votre Compr?ention. (Latifa) 😀

  53. Bonjour joelle ! Je m'appelle kheira et je vis en France. Je tenai ? te dire que tu fais un travail remarquable et tellement professionel ! J'aime beaucoup la mani?re avec laquelle tu maquilles et tes conseils sont tr?s utiles ! Ce serait un r?ve exauc?, pour moi, de passer entre tes mains un jour, nombreux sont ceux qui m'ont maquill?e mais je suis s?re qu'aucun d'entre eux , dans le fond, ne t'?gales !

    Je te souhaite une belle et longue carri?re, sinc?rement.


  54. 3a bale ktir a3mol piercing stras mtlik b noze.oulile bt3alem plz iza bede a3mela coz mjawze w sometimes bede ima? thx hobi.i love u sooooooooooo much w 7lme etla2a fike chi yom.big kiss for u w thx for ur reply

  55. salut Joelle

    c'est Nac?ra je suis Algerienne,et j'aime bcp votre emission “BISSARAHA AHLA”

    Mon voeu le plus cher c'est d'avoir la chance de participer ? votre ?mission .

    j'aprecie bcp votre look , meme si je constate que nous les Algeriens n'ont pas

    bcp de chance pour etre dans votre emission.

    dans l'attente d'une suite favorable inchallah.merci chere Joelle.


  56. Hi Joelle,

    I am an American and I saw you on TV and I think you are great!  I hope that you can do my make up in the USA someday, or maybe I will have time to make an appointment to meet you in Dubai.  Keep up the great work and stay beautiful.


    Your fans in the USA

  57. bonjour joelle je veu que tu m'envoye les photo de tout le mois de Novembre 2008 si ce pocible merci d'avance

    envoyer les photo de les mission sur mon email [email protected] merci

  58. Hi Joelle, from downunder Australia,

    Reading all you previous notes posted by other young ladies from all over the world, I have to agree on how wonderful, beautiful, smart and intelligent you are.   I just discovered your website a few months ago.. unfortunately I am unable to watch your programme on TV, but I go onto you tube and watch your tutorials.  It seems that everyone would love to be on your show, me included.  Any chance of you ever coming to Western Australia or if you want, I would love to come to Dubai and be on your show, you could do a husband a wife makeover… that would be fantastic.  Love

    Rita xx

    ps.  I hope your have the opportunity to read this emails..

  59. amal baraketi May 3, 2009, 1:44 pm

    I like your show very very much. It is for me a really great show and I am writting this letter to tell you how much I am fond of you and your show and to tell you about my mother's  problem.

    She had problems in her skin in the face. I big you to help her. I am waitting you to send to me a letter then I can tell  you about her problems (elle a peau sech + elle met toujours  une pomade a base corticouuide pendant 20 ans cette  pomade a elle des mauvais effet sur sa peau au meme temp elle ne peut pas se d?brass? de cette pomade). She works in a high school. Please I really  need your help. I am waiting for your msg, please send me your answer quickly. She is suffring and thx alot. 

    Amal Baraketi , ([email protected])


  60. Hi Joelle,

    I'm Houda from Belgium I also have to agree on how wonderful and beautiful you are. You have changed a lot of lives in a very positive way filled with self-confidence. Any chance of you ever coming to Belgium?

    Kind regards,


  61. Hello Joelle. I am Soukaina from Morocco. Please I need your help. How can I be in your show. I do not know how can I do it. Really, I need top change myself. I love you so much.

  62. Bonjour Joelle, j ai le grand plaisir de vous ?crire et de vous dire bravo pour l emission et j amerai bien particip? pour changer mon look et styl j'espere que ma demande sera prise pour favorable merci mes salutation les plus d?stin?s.


  63. hay joelle ana bheb ktir barnamjak obhebak inti aktar obheb makiyaj libathatih 3la wechak ana wala mara hatit makyaj 3la wechi lakin lama achoufeek ktir bheb ahot makiyaj metlak lakin inchallah lama  aji ila dubai inti inchallah litahatili makiyaj inchallah yarab liani wala mara fhayati hatit makyaj 3la wechi bhebak ktir ana zina men belgique merci

  64. hanane bouhenni August 18, 2009, 9:00 am

    hi joelle ana hanane mina el jazayer ohibo katiran l emission bita3tek “bi saraha ahla ” c'est vrai ahla welli mhalliha aktar inti ya joelle kiss

  65. Hi how are you, I love your show very much. I would like to come to your salon. Where are you in the wold? 07723728857.

    Mona from London

  66. salam joelle kif halik ana bouchra man marocan bas 3aycha f belgique ana haba aji 3andak bach trayrini dayman achof barnamaj bita3ik wana mo3jaba bik ktir  nchalah haba ji la3andik nchallah taha9a9 emniyti bay joelle ataman laki saha w3afiya

  67. salem; hi jo?lle kifek please i like acharik fel programme please call me my phon number 22897530 ENA min tunis please call mi bye

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