Tactical Print launches donation drive for advanced 3D printing lab

Tactical Print launches donation drive for advanced 3D printing lab

In the past two years alone, Tactical Print has showcased the potential of 3D printing in defense, producing crucial tools such as 3D printed bandages, syringe holders, and drone-compatible grenade adapters. These products, crafted by experts with battlefield experience, comply with industry standards.

Despite the groundbreaking contributions, Tactical Print remains largely self-funded and donation-driven. To realize their vision and scale operations, they require an estimated $60,000. This will ensure an expanded workspace, more 3D printers, and the raw materials necessary for production.

Amid the continuing territorial challenges, “Tactical Print” announces its donation campaign, aiming to raise the above sum for a high-tech 3D printing laboratory.

The initiative is a testament to the Armenian spirit of resilience and innovation. The lab, harnessing the transformative power of 3D printing, translates digital designs into tangible, life-saving tools. Tactical Print aims to equip the Armenian army with the needed edge, from efficient tourniquets to state-of-the-art night vision goggles. The lab is co-founded by Simon Hovhannisyan, a courageous veteran of the 2020 conflict and a gifted Yerevan-based designer.

Every contribution, big or small, transforms into a brick in the fortress of Armenia’s defense.

The world watches as Armenia stands at a critical juncture. Now, more than ever is the moment for Armenians globally to rally behind such ventures and make a tangible difference.

Join this defining journey and be part of the live-streamed Q&A session on 22 October 2023 on YouTube and Facebook to get insights, share thoughts, and take a step toward this direction.

The time is ripe for action.


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Grenade launcher footage


YouTube link for the 22 October 2023 session

Facebook link for the 22 October 2023 session

Ary Berberian & Serouj Mamoulian


Photo: Two 3D printed Tourniquets by Tactical Print

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