Mouradick Art Center Opens Its Doors in Yerevan

Mouradick Art Center Opens Its Doors in Yerevan

A New Cultural Hub Named After Armenian Artists Project Founder, Jim Mouradick, Marks Its Inauguration

By Azad-Hye

In a celebration of art, culture, and creativity, the MOURADICK Art Center has officially opened its doors on the occasion of the 3rd anniversary of the Armenian Artists Project. This exciting new venture promises to be an authentic haven for art enthusiasts, offering a unique space to immerse oneself in the world of art while connecting with like-minded individuals in a truly artistic atmosphere.

The MOURADICK Art Center, named in honor of Jim Mouradick, the esteemed founder and funder of the Armenian Artists Project, stands as a testament to Armenia’s commitment to nurturing its artistic heritage and promoting creativity. This dynamic cultural center is set to play a pivotal role in fostering art practice and providing a platform for local and regional artists to showcase their talent.

A Multifaceted Approach to Art and Culture

MOURADICK Art Center is not just another gallery; it is a vibrant hub that seeks to enrich the cultural landscape of Armenia through various means:

1. Gallery Space: The center provides a prestigious gallery space for local and regional artists, serving as a launching pad for their artistic journeys. With its commitment to supporting emerging talent, the MOURADICK Art Center promises to be a significant contributor to the Armenian art scene.

2. Education and Skill Enhancement: In addition to exhibitions, the center will host a wide range of workshops and short-term educational programs aimed at enhancing artistic skills and encouraging a lifelong love for the arts. This commitment to education underscores the center’s dedication to nurturing creativity in Armenia.

3. Cultural Programs: The MOURADICK Art Center plans to curate a diverse calendar of cultural events, including exhibitions, performances, and lectures. This initiative is poised to engage the local community and foster dialogue about art and culture.

4. Exploration of Armenian Art: One of the center’s unique features is its connection to the Armenian Artists Project’s online platform, Visitors to the MOURADICK Art Center can explore the original Armenian art showcased on the website in a captivating on-site experience.

A Warm Invitation to All Art Lovers

The MOURADICK Art Center extends a warm invitation to art lovers, connoisseurs, and anyone with an interest in the arts to visit and be a part of this exciting new cultural endeavor. It is not just a space for admiring art but also a place for dialogue, inspiration, and cultural exchange.

As Armenia welcomes visitors from around the world, the MOURADICK Art Center stands ready to introduce guests to the beauty and heritage of Armenian art. To reserve a visit or inquire further, interested individuals can contact the center at [email protected].

The MOURADICK Art Center’s opening marks a significant step in Armenia’s commitment to promoting and preserving its rich artistic traditions while fostering a vibrant contemporary art scene. It is a place where art comes alive, and culture thrives—a must-visit destination for anyone seeking to experience the essence of Armenian creativity.

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About the MOURADICK Art Center:
The MOURADICK Art Center is a dynamic cultural hub in Armenia dedicated to celebrating art, fostering creativity, and promoting cultural exchange. Named after Jim Mouradick, founder and funder of the Armenian Artists Project, the center offers gallery space, educational programs, cultural events, and an immersive experience of original Armenian art featured on

About the Armenian Artists Project:
The Armenian Artists Project is a nonprofit organization committed to supporting and showcasing the talent of Armenian artists worldwide. Through various initiatives and collaborations, the project aims to preserve and promote the unique cultural heritage of Armenia.

Disclaimer: This news article is based on information provided by the Armenian Artists Project and is not an endorsement or promotion.

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