Boghos Snabian

Boghos Snabian

Boghos SnabianLebanese Armenian writer.

Snabian was 12 years old when the Armenians of Musa Ler (Musa Dagh) resisted the Ottoman Army and were evacuated by French war vessels. They were settled in present-day Anjar, close to the Lebanese-Syrian border.

After graduating from Haratch school in Anjar, Snabian continued his studies in Jerusalem's Jarankavorats School, where he had as a teacher famous writer Hagop Oshagan (Hakob Oshakan). Snabian published several books, the most popular being “I am that dog“.

He has been the editor of the Diasporan Armenian literary periodical Pakin (Bagin) for more than 40 years, since its establishment in the 1960s.

During Soviet times he was not allowed to visit Armenia due to his political views as follower of ARF party (Dashanktsutyun). 

Read inteview by Maro Khachatryan with writer Snabian here (in Armenian).

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