Hagop Emrazian

Regional Director, Learning & Development at Agility, Kuwait

Hagop Emrazian's Specialties:
Leadership Development
Continuous Improvement
Change Management
Personal Branding and Career Counseling
Performance Consulting – Assessment Centre
Web 2.0 & Social Learning – Public Speaking

Hagop Emrazian says:

Whenever I am in charge, I come with an Agenda and an Impact, and I don't compromise any!

I enjoy being part of a rolefunction that influences the transformation of the organization's capcity to learn collectively and produce effectively.

I am a firm believer that learning happens all the time and I try to avoid the conventional “butts-in-seat” training delivery solution across the board.

Learning that happens on the job, by observing others and adaptation, lasts more! Informal learning has most of my attention. I've been told that I create a positive influence and environment wherever I go, I tend to believe them!

Lucky enough, I have collaborated across the globe with learners on projects that involved change, transformatin, performance consulting, leadership and communication. All of which I am competent to facilitate and coach on.

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