Aram I receives the representatives of the Diocese of Lebanon

Aram I receives the representatives of the Diocese of Lebanon

CATHEDRAL OF THE CATHOLICOSATE OF CILICIAHis Holiness Aram I received Primate Bishop Kegham Khacherian and the representatives of the Religious and Political councils of the Diocese of Lebanon Tuesday 14 March 2006. The two sides discussed issues related to the ordainment of the newly built St. Vartanants Church in May and His Holiness? Pontifical visit. They agreed that His Holiness should have meetings with representatives of the community structures, as well as teachers, students and the youth.


His Holiness stressed the importance of reviving the internal liveliness of the Armenian community of Lebanon in various fields. He particularly spoke about the great importance of national schools. Given that His Holiness has announced 2006 to be “The Year of the Armenian School”, both sides considered it was suitable to organize special events that would bring the spotlight on the importance of Armenian schools in the education of the new generations.


His Holiness also stressed the imperative of strengthening the internal unity of the Lebanese-Armenian community. In this context he welcomed the representation of the Armenian community at the ongoing dialogue in the parliament with a united delegation from the three Armenian parties.


His Holiness Aram I also received a delegation from the Armenian National Authorities of Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates. The two sides discussed various issues related to the Diocese.



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18 March 2006


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