Haigazian University: Orientation Day for New Students

On Monday the 15th of February, Haigazian University welcomed around 50 incoming students for the spring 2006 semester, who underwent a thorough Orientation Program during one full day.


This Program is a university requirement, designed to helping new students make a smooth transition into all aspects of university life: academic, communal, spiritual and social.


The campus minister, Rev. Nishan Bakalian warmly welcomed the new comers, and assured them that all Haigazian University staff and faculty are there in their service.


The Dean of faculty of Arts and Sciences, Dr. Arda Ekmekji stressed on the Student Centered Environment at Haigazian University as well as on the Liberal Arts Education in general, which endow the student with a rounded education, global vision and wide panorama. She encouraged students to engage in critical thinking, criticizing, disagreeing and questioning. In short, she pushed them to be actors instead of spectators.


The Director of the Orientation Program, Dr. Berge Traboulsi considered the program as a key to University success, as it provides students with skills of time and life management.


After lunch, and during the afternoon session, President Paul Haidostian introduced students to the Haigazian culture by giving a brief history of the university, its foundation, mission and goals. He emphasized on the motto of the University, “Truth, Freedom and Service”, and how these qualities should be embodied in every Haigazian student.


Finally Rev. Bakalian invited interested students to be active members in the Haigazian Spiritual Life, the chapel services and the retreats.






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