Incredible events from the history of Haygazian University

By Hakob Tsulikian


The 14th issue of Armenia periodical, issued by the editorship of Hamo Moskofian, was fully dedicated to the history of the Haygazian University as one of the best educational institutions of the Diaspora. In particular, the issue contained interesting information about “The Lebanese Rocket Company” led by Doctor Manouk Manoukian from the Haygazian University.


It may sound incredible, but it turned out that the company was established at the very Haygazian University by Doctor Manouk Manoukian and Doctor Eduard Heart.


Besides, Simon Abrahamian, Karapet Basmajian, Hambardzum Karagyozian, Hrayr Keleshian , Mickael Ladan and John Tilikian also participated in the establishment of “The Lebanese Rocket Company.” The initial budget of the company amounted to 750 Lebanese pounds allocated by the parliament member Emil Butani.


The first rocket was launched in April, 1961, and reached 1 kilometers of height. The crewmembers weren't satisfied with the result. Soon they launched the second HCRS-3 rocket, which doubled the previous result.


Being impressed by the results of the abovementioned scientific initiative, Faud Shehab, Lebanese President, grants 10 thousand Lebanese pounds in 1961 and 15 thousand Lebanese pounds in 1962 to the scientific initiative. Thanks to the efforts of the Haygazian students, the rocket construction activities improved and on May 25, 1961, HCRS-7 “Sedar” reached 11,5 kilometers of height. Besides, a bit later, “Sedar 11-B” and “Sedar 11-C” reached 20 kilometers of altitude.


In the course of all of these launchings the Lebanese army carried out the security control. Later, the interest to the initiative grew so much that new members joined that. Soon the initiative was enlarged and was reshaped into “Lebanese Rocket Company.” This story of scientific success ended in the summer of 1964, due to some political and strategic reasons, as well as because two students were wounded during the experimental works. Later the students were recovered.


Source: AZG Armenian Daily, 20 December 2006