Protest campaign by Armenian Cause (Hay Tad) Committee in Greece

ARF?s Hay Tad committee of Greece protest reaches its goal


Following a proposal by Member of European Parliament Panayotis Peghlidis, who suggested at the September session of the European Parliament that the Armenian Genocide should not become a precondition for Turkey?s admission in the European Union, the Armenian Revolutionary Federation?s Youth Organization of Greece launched a protest campaign. E-mails and fax messages signed by individuals pointed to a united position and activism.


After receiving the protest messages, Mr. Peghlidis requested a meeting with the ARF?s Hay Tad committee. The meeting was held early this week at the MEP?s office and was also attended by the ARF Youth Organization representatives.


At the meeting, Mr. Peghlidis clearly affirmed that he and the PASOK party have always defended the stance that Turkey should admit to the Armenian Genocide, then pointed out that at this stage, due to political reasons they do not consider it right to raise the issue. He also said the PASOK members have voted in favor of the call for Turkey to recognize the Armenian Genocide.


The members of the Hay Tad committee and the Youth Organization detailed our position why recognizing the Genocide should become a precondition for Turkey?s admission in the Union.


At the end of the meeting, Mr. Peghlidis promised he would pass the Hay Tad committee?s concerns to the party chairman, Mr. Yorgho Papandreu.


The issue is being closely watched by the ARF Hay Tad committee.


Source: “Yerkir” daily, 27 October 2006