Armenia and Saudi Arabia establish diplomatic relations

Armenia and Saudi Arabia establish diplomatic relations

Azad-Hye (Dubai)

On 25 November 2023, a protocol was signed in Abu Dhabi, UAE, marking the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Republic of Armenia and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This significant event was facilitated by Karen Grigoryan, the Armenian Ambassador to the UAE, and his Saudi counterpart, Sultan bin Abdullah Al-Angari.

This new diplomatic bridge represents an important advancement in Armenia’s regional politics. For Saudi Arabia, it expands its diplomatic influence in the Caucasus region, enhancing its presence and leverage on the regional diplomatic stage. This move aligns with Saudi Arabia’s broader foreign policy objectives of increasing its global influence and developing new strategic partnerships.

For Armenia, this development opens also the door to the vast Saudi economy, providing potential economic benefits and investment opportunities.

It also serves as a strategic countermeasure to balance the influence of Azerbaijan within the Islamic Conference Organization, where Azerbaijan has historically promoted policies against Armenian interests.

The initiation of these diplomatic ties reflects a growing trend of reshaping alliances and fostering new partnerships in the broader Middle East and East Asia region beyond traditional geopolitical boundaries.