First Saudi tourism media familiarization trip to Armenia

First Saudi tourism media familiarization trip to Armenia

Azad-Hye (Dubai)

In an interesting initiative, Saudi airline company “Flynas”, in partnership with the Tourism Committee of the Ministry of Economy of Armenia, facilitated a pioneering media familiarization trip for Saudi Arabia journalists to Armenia. This move aligned with the launch of the new Riyadh-Yerevan air route by Flynas, featuring three weekly flights, thus opening a gateway to the enthralling beauty of Armenia and the wider Caucasus region for Saudi travelers.

Armenia, a country renowned for its stunning natural landscapes, rich historical legacy, and vibrant culture, offers a unique experience blending the characteristic ambiance of the Caucasus region.

The visiting Saudi media team had the opportunity to explore Armenia’s prominent attractions such as the Khor Virap Monastery, Garni Temple, Lake Sevan, the largest lake in the Caucasus and may other sites. The capital city, Yerevan, captivated the journalists with its array of fountains, lush green spaces, and diverse dining and lodging options, providing a glimpse into the urban Armenian lifestyle.

The trip highlighted the diverse aspects of Armenian tourism, ranging from outdoor adventures like mountain climbing and hiking in the picturesque valleys and national parks, to winter sports activities in the mountain resorts. The journalists also immersed themselves in Armenia’s rich cultural heritage, attending local festivals, visiting ancient churches and monasteries, and indulging in the delectable Armenian cuisine, a blend of flavors reminiscent of Middle Eastern dishes.

For Saudi tourists, Armenia presents practical conveniences such as easy access and transportation options, a high level of safety and security, and straightforward visa procedures. The Saudi Riyal equats to approximately 100 Armenian Drams.

Armenia’s fusion of natural splendor, historical richness, cultural vibrancy, and culinary delights positions it as an ideal destination for Saudi tourists seeking an extraordinary travel experience.

Photo of the journalists with Sisian Boghossian, Chairperson of the Tourism Committee of Armenia, supplied by “Al Riyadh” daily’s journalist Ahmed Ghawi.