Yerker Application for Armenian Music

Yerker is an Armenian music streaming mobile application.

You can discover artists, play and enjoy from a library of thousands of Armenian music and songs.

The playlist is updated almost on weekly basis, enriching your experience.

The layout of the application is very eye-comforting and practical in use.

As we checked today, the newly added songs were:
A song dedicated to Artsakh by Carmen Ajemian
A song dedicated to the 100 anniversary of the Armenian General Athletic Union HMEM
Music mix for parties by DJ Jilber
Eli Na: A song by Arapo Isbirian
A wedding song by Karen Movsisyan

The application gives you the opportunity to explore Armenian songs according to your mood. There are categories like: Nostalgie, Armo Power, Chilling, Date Night, Driving, Evening, etc.

There are also some specific lists such as: The best of 2018, Christmas and New Year songs, Armenian Party songs, Current YERKER’s top 30 songs and many others.

Major artists have their own albums. For example there are 27 albums with 299 songs by Adiss Harmandian.

Testimonials from Armenian artists:
“We’ve been waiting for such an app for a long time, the Armenian music & the fans needed this!” (Joseph Krikorian)

“Finally an app that combines all Armenian music under one roof.” (Ararad Aharonian)

“What a great initiative! The youth is the future.” (Arman Hovhannisian)

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Download Yerker on your mobile from this link:

Article prepared and application recommended by Hrach Kalsahakian