Message from The Turkish Forum to US lawmakers


The following message represents the Turkish official stance regarding Armenian subjects. It is a typical collection of Turkish viewpoints marketed to the average Turkish or foreign readers. Some of the ideas are very old and some have been adjusted to the recent developments, but the spirit remains the same: denial of the Armenian rights.


Mahmut Esat Ozan

Chairman-Editorial Board

The Turkish Forum- USA

Tuesday, December 26, 2006




With Democrats taking control of the U.S. Congress, prospects have increased that lawmakers will approve a resolution recognizing the World War I era killings of Armenians as “genocide” despite the objections of President George W. Bush.


The shift in Congress also dims the likelihood that the Bush administration can break a deadlock over the president's nominee for ambassador to Armenia, Richard Hoagland. Senate Democrats have blocked Hoagland's nomination because of his refusal to call the killings a genocide.




We, the regular hard-working, tax-paying, and vote-casting Turkish- Americans are wondering if you people were aware of the enormity of the deceptiveness, fraudulent, and unfounded claims displayed in front of your eyes by the Armenian caucus members and by the proponents of the powerful Armenian Lobby in the Congress of the United States of America?


The constant illusory statements concerning the almost century-old allegations that the Ottoman Turks deliberately perpetrated a vile act of genocide, and ruthlessly attempted to annihilate 'one million and a half 'of their own Armenian citizens is ridiculous. This is a gross prevarication, if not an out and out lie. We, the Turkish- American citizens of this country urge you to consider for one moment the utter impossibility of their statements. Several statistics of Ottoman and foreign origin of that era attest to the fact that the entire living population of the Armenian citizens of the Ottoman Empire, at the time, barely reached the totality of their claimed losses.


At that period of 1915, the sum of Armenians living in all provinces of the Empire was recorded as 1,300.000. The census figures of ALL inhabitants of Turkey proper were less than 10,000.000.


The alleged genocide mythology with which the Armenians flood the hallowed halls of the U.S. Congress is not only mind-boggling, but it is also a thought-disturbing fact. It represents an accusation which they could neither prove nor justify.


We beseech all of you to please understand that the declaration and the inauguration of the modern Turkish Republic took at least five long years after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire to become a reality. Yet the Armenians have always held responsible the grandchildren of the Turks who had defended their lands, as being the perpetrators of genocide. At the time of their unfair and unsubstantiated accusation of Turks, their country, the Ottoman Turkey was busy defending itself on seven different fronts, just struggling to stay alive. It had no time, strength, nor capability to wage a genocidal war against one million and a half of their own citizens, and for what reason? Armenians' baseless genocide clamor was deliberately initiated to attract attention to their movement of secession from their government, the Ottoman Empire. Another reason was to be able to extract Turkish land space and easy reparations from a weakened Ottoman government.


The entire world was inundated by false cries for military help and monetary assistance to be given to these very insurgents fighting against the empire. Instigated by Czar Nicholas II of Russia and the rest of the European powers, Armenians began to rebel against their own government. Thousands of them deserted their posts in the Ottoman armies and took with them their weapons and ammunition, and thus created a military force of over 150 thousand men. These rebels did not hesitate to stab their own governmental units in the back. This was a rebellion, or a mutiny at best, and an act of insurgency punishable by the firing squads. They were causing the Ottoman armies of the Eastern Anatolia to bleed to death. Something had to be done to stop this enormous loss of life. The Ottoman government, while fighting the armies of the Imperial Czar of Russia decided to relocate the residents of the war zone in order to stop the sabotage and terrorism going on during this protracted war the country was fighting. on several fronts. The Turks were defending their land against the invading Russian Imperial Forces.


It was during this relocation phase of the civil war that many Armenians lost their lives on the front or on their movement to other Turkish provinces. Nevertheless, the Muslim Turkish casualties were four times more than the Armenians'. But the Western news organizations reported only the Armenian casualties while ignoring totally the Turkish side. Fed by the biased false reports provided by the Christian missionaries, the western world, the world at large, and especially Americans read only bogus reports of the most atrocious kind imaginable. These falsifications were emanating from the American Embassy in the Ottoman capital of Istanbul .The U.S. Ambassador there, a Wilson appointee Henry Morgenthau, a truly self-avowed Turcophobe, kept on informing Washington, the U.S. President, and the news media such as the New York Times which were too eager to print any kind of unsubstantiated lies emanating from the 'war front'. A male Armenian secretary of the U.S. Ambassador, Aram Andonian diligently supplied the world press with copies of falsified Embassy records negating any and all news items coming from the war front. He and his falsifications were able to convince the world that the Turks were engaged in genocide against their own citizens, the Armenians, with whom they had lived peacefully for untold centuries.


The duplicitous Armenians were determined then as they are today that they were, as a human race subject to a deliberate extermination by the Turks. However in contrast to the Jewish people, who perished during a genuine genocide in the middle part of the same 20th century, did not fire a single shot against the Nazi government, whereas the Armenians were recorded by honest historians as having killed more than half a million Turkish men, women, and children in hundreds of Turkish villages, towns, and cities of the Ottoman era. All this came to an end with the proclamation and the inauguration of the Turkish Republic following the Independence war with one of the seven occupier states, Greece, in 1923…


Armenian's totally senseless propaganda is still continuing to this day. Whether they are at a high school or at any American private or state university, the minds of American students are poisoned by Armenian -leaning racist and discriminatory professors' venomous pronouncements in America today.


No person possessing your mental capacity would be in sympathy with the cruel history of the Armenian demolition-plotters called the ASALA either. They are known as the Armenian death machine. Not only did they assassinate methodically 70 innocent Turkish diplomats and their family members between 1973 and 1989, but they have done greater harm than that by wounding the hearts and souls of the proud nation of Turks.


Today, as the 24th day of April approaches, the degree of negative propaganda and misinformation being dispensed by these small but highly vociferous people, known as Armenians, should be at least ignored if not silenced altogether by your colleagues in the Congress of the United States of America


The claims of the Armenians do not only falsify Turkish history, but the European and American history, as well. Their outrageous claims are so replete with so many fictitious statements that they can only be described as products of deluded minds.


Unfortunately, unless you the legislative lawmakers move to put a stop to their innumerable phony resolutions, damage will take root.


The truth is on Turkey's side, but even as we speak, Armenian lies and misinformation are being spread all around the country and the world. The choice to stop them is commensurate with your desire to right something that was wronged a long time ago even by the inadvertent actions of the USA. There are not too many Turkish voices to match the Armenian ones in this country to be noticed, and unfortunately, the American public is uninformed about most happenings outside of its own immediate world or interests. You Ladies and gentlemen, the U.S. legislators may be able to help this small minority of Turkish-Americans by siding with their struggle to win this ugly war of words. The 91th year anniversary, on April 24, chosen by the Armenians for further pronouncements of calamitous falsifications on the happenings of the infamous year, 1915 is quickly approaching.


Thank you for your attention and future positive consideration for Turkey and the USA.