'My son shall be Armenian'

'My son shall be Armenian'

Director Hagop Goudsouzian


Posted 07 October 2004

Directed by Hagop Goudsouzian
Produced by Yves Bisaillon

AZAD-HYE (7 October 2004): The National Film Board of Canada has produced a new film with Armenian subject, directed by Hagop Goudsouzian, a Canadian-Armenian, who was born in Egypt and currently resides in Toronto. Goudsouzian has produced and directed several television series in TV Ontario, including a well known documentary series on science and technology presented from a teenage point of view. He has been extensively interested in producing for young viewers.

The film is a quest of Armenian identity, based on the story of Goudsouzian and five other Canadian Armenians who return to Armenia searching for survivors of the Genocide.

In a foreground of contrast between modern travellers and seekers of old remnants, the film points out to the necessity of making peace with the past as a step towards understanding the future.

It is a sort of odyssey of remembrance organized by six travelers: Lousnak Abdalian, an artist, Gabriella Djerrahian, an anthropologist; Martine Batani, a young resident of Montreal who asked the filmmaker to be taken with the group, Garo Shamlian, a professor of architecture, originally from Istanbul and now residing in Canada and Patrick Masbourian, a famous French-speaking television presenter in Quebec.

?In making this film,? Goudsouzian says, ?I wanted to go beyond the Armenian identification with suffering so that my son may grow up experiencing joy and pride in his origins.?

Their journey starts from Yerevan, where they historical memory comes face to face with modern day real and human Armenia. They meet survivors of the Genocide in villages.

Goudsouzian dedicates the film to his father and son, thus extending bridges between the past and the future. The film emphasizes the need for preventing history to repeat its dark pages. Goudsouzian's aim has been to ?help prevent future genocides before they start.?

Running time: 80 min 42 sec
Production Year: 2004

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Upper-Left Photo: Canadian- Armenian Hagop Goudsouzian, Director of the film “My son shall be Armenian” (2004)