Gorgen Zargarian

Gorgen Zargarian

Gorgen ZargarianGlendale based Iranian Armenian singer.


Born in 1951 in Iran


He earns his living as an automechanic. Owns “Arlen's Transmission” shop in Burbank.


On the weekends, he is the host of “Gorgen Show.” The show, which he started about 13 years ago, appears on Charter Communications cable channel 30 in Glendale and Burbank from 8 to 9 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays.


Zargarian was in the third grade in Iran when he started singing. The opportunity to appear on television came when he moved to the United States in 1989.


Zargarian set up his studio in his garage and eventually started working out of commercial studios to use more sophisticated engineering equipment.


His show caters to a predominantly Farsi-speaking audience. He interviews Persian and Armenian personalities, shows footage of Iran and sings in his own pop music videos.


Zargarian hires a songwriter, and once the words are written, he adds the music.


Zargarian performs mainly in Farsi because it's the language he was mainly schooled in.


So far, Zargarian has one CD titled “Gofteh Goo,” which is Farsi for “Conversation.”

The album includes seven Persian songs and one English song. The Persian songs are more traditional and are set to the sounds of classical Middle Eastern instruments, including the tar, sitar, ood and dombag.


After getting numerous requests from his fans, Zargarian plans to compile more than 40 of his songs onto three CDs.


For more information about “Gorgen Show,” visit www.gorgenshow.com.


The contents of the website are in Farsi.


Hear two of his Armenian songs here.