New Armenian business search website

Harmik Manaseryan, an Armenian entrepreneur, has decided to make Armenian business activities accessible worldwide through a friendly site (, which is probably the first pan-Armenian platform of its kind.

Armenians living in a specific location will be able to find out more about what their compatriots are offering in the same locality.

Manaseryan says “the aim is to create a large family of pan-Armenian businessmen, craftsmen, and artists, where everyone can benefit from each other’s services and products, find Armenian counterparts and supporters of the same industry around the world.”

By registering on the site, clients will have the opportunity to place information about their activities, enriched with relevant photos.

Using the right keywords would enable a business to be searchable.

Manaseryan claims that this platform could be a very significant factor in discovering and enhancing pan-Armenian capabilities.

The website is in its primary form and needs further development.

You can learn more about it through the demonstrative youtube clip here.

You can also communicate with Harmik Manaseryan, the person behind this project, by using his mobile number in Armenia +374 77 363659 (Viber and WhatsApp accessible at the same number).