2nd Convention of European Armenians set to convene in October 2007

2nd Convention of European Armenians set to convene in October 2007

 European Armenian Federation


Convention to develop new Armenian expectations of an evolving Europe


BRUSSELS, BELGIUM – The growth of the Armenian community as a powerful voice in the civic life of Europe will mark a major milestone with the convening, this October, of the second Convention of European Armenians.


The pan European convention, to be held between October 15 and 16th (2007) in the halls of the European Parliament, is being organized by the European Armenian Federation


The two-day Convention, which comes on the 20th anniversary of the European Union's landmark resolution recognizing the Armenian Genocide, will provide European citizens of Armenian heritage with the opportunity to share views, discuss priorities, and build consensus on the current issues and future challenges impacting Armenia and Armenians in a rapidly changing Europe.


Among the key issues to be addressed, both among the conferees and to European leaders, include the EU's partial freezing of negotiations with an increasingly intransigent Turkey, and the evolution of the Union's relations with Armenia and the entire South Caucasus region.


The Convention will be organized around three main sessions:


– Twenty years of progress since the recognition of the Armenian genocide by the European Parliament


– Europe's role in peace and security in the South Caucasus region


– Ongoing Armenian Genocide recognition efforts and the struggle to counter Genocide denial


The European Armenian Federation will soon send European Armenian associations, groups and organizations a preliminary document outlining the priority issues facing the European Armenian community.


“We invite all the members of our European Armenian communities and all the many diverse European Armenian associations to participate in the preparations for the Second Convention of the European Armenians, to attend and actively take part in its deliberations, and to lend their unique contributions to developing a common message that we can deliver to European civic society and leadership,”  said Hilda Tchoboian, the chairperson of the European Armenian Federation.


The European Armenian Federation will send hundreds of invitations to the Convention and encourages all those who wish to attend the Convention to begin registering now by email or via the http://www.eafjd.org website.


Associations that may be not known to the Federation and that therefore might not otherwise receive an invitation are requested to get in touch with the Federation directly.  The European Armenian Federation calls on all interested parties to widely broadcast this event as a important opportunity
to raise awareness about issues of European Armenian concern, among European policy-makers, including members of the European Parliament and officers of the European Commission.


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