Agos will broadcast on the Internet

Agos will broadcast on the Internet


After long-running preparations, the Agos newspaper?s web-site, Agos Internet, will begin publication in English and Turkish pages with a brand-new look. In this way, readers from all over the world will be able to access news, commentary and files dealing with political and cultural developments in Turkey and concerning the life of Turkey?s Armenian community by means of Agos-Internet.


The principal goal of Agos-Internet, broadcast from the ( for English version) address will be to make the content of the Turkish-Armenian language Agos newspaper available to its members in an on-line context. The newspaper?s daily news, society, art and culture, middle and back pages, commentary from staff and guest writers, history, cinema sections and dossier subjects will all be available on the website. The Armenian pages of Agos will also be accessible for the subscribers.


Agos-Internet also aims to direct its efforts towards the construction of a new concept of publishing, appropriate to the internet medium, and, in time, building up its own unique spirit and identity. Appropriate to this goal, through week-long news and commentary in the areas of politics, current affairs, art and culture, Agos Internet will try to present content that will keep its members? fingers on the pulse not only of the Armenian community in Turkey, but also the whole of Turkey and even the whole world. The Internet site will be the bearer of the Agos newspaper?s peace-loving, humanist and universalist principals in the virtual world.


Members of Agos-Internet will be able to access back-issues from the site archives, just like from print archives, by means of headword searches. At this moment, Agos? March 2005 – March 2007 issues have been archived on the internet. Archival work is continuing and, in a very short time, all of the back issues from Agos? founding in 1996 until the present will be fully accessible.


6 months  55 YTL / 30 Euro / 40 USD
1 year    90 YTL / 50 Euro / 65 USD


6 months  110 YTL / 60 Euro / 80 USD
1 year      180 YTL / 100 Euro / 130 USD


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Fax: +90 212 247 55 19


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Agos (“Furrow”) is an Armenian weekly newspaper published in Turkey, established 5 April 1996. It is published in Istanbul and has a circulation of around 5,000. It has both Armenian and Turkish pages. Hrant Dink was its editor from the newspaper's start until his assassination outside of the newspaper's offices in Istanbul in January 2007.



Picture of the January 26. 2007 edition of the Weekly Newspaper “Agos”