Android application on Armenia by Armen Demirjian

Android application on Armenia by Armen Demirjian

Armen Demirjian has created an android application called “TO ARMENIA”.

In a letter to Azad-Hye, Demirjian explains that the passion to motherland has let him release this application.

The application has a wealth of tourism information and is available free of charge.

“I will never ask for a penny in return for anything I do for Armenia”, Demirjian says.

Armen Demirjian lives in Amman, Jordan and works as IT professional.

The application is available at the following link:

The introduction explains the benefits of the application:

“To Armenia” is the application to have if you are travelling to Armenia for tourism or even if you live there.

To Armenia will briefly guide you on:
– What to know … General information about Armenia
– What to see … Historical places and how to get there
– What to eat … Traditional Armenian food
– What to drink … Alcoholic/non Alcoholic drinks of choice
– What to watch … Some videos on the go
– What to buy … Gifts, for yourself, family and friends


This application simply reminded me of motherland & frankly it stimulated all my senses; It is a full-filled useful application which make me miss there more and more each second. Thank you for creating it (Nareg).

Simple to use, beautifully done app. I will surly be using it soon during my travel there (Aram).

Wonderful guide app. Its realy helpful. Great job (Vahe).