President of Iran meets families of Armenians who lost sons in war

Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad met last Saturday evening with a group of families of the martyrs from Iran's Armenian community who fell victims to Iran- Iraqi war in 1980-1988.


An Armenian-language Alik newspaper published in Tehran said the president wanted to learn what kind of problems these families face promising to help settle them.


We are all like members of a single family heading for common goals the president was quoted as saying in a reference to integration of the Christians in the entire nation.


He said mothers of all Iranian martyrs, who have, so far, met him, speak in similar way regardless of being Muslim, Christian, Jewish or Zoroastrian.


They all stressed that their children have sacrificed their lives for sacred aspirations emanated from their religious beliefs,” said the president.


He expressed hope that the world would soon witness a day when peace, justice and friendship would prevail over all human communities adding that all nations should play an active role to help such a dream come true.


Norayr Aramian, head of the Tehran Armenian National Council, was also invited to the meeting that ended with dinner.


Source: Armenpress, Jan 08 2007