Rural development programs in Armenia and Artsakh supported by Civilitas America

Civilitas helps dairy farmers throughout Armenia and Artsakh to increase production by helping them acquire cows and milking machines. They do this on the microfinance principle. They use donations to buy a cow that is of a good breed and 'sell' the cow to a farmer who already has a contract to sell milk to  a dairy company. During the course of the year, the farmer pays Civilitas back for the cow. Civilitas takes the funds and 'sells' more cows to more farmers.

The pay-back rate? One hundred percent. That's right, every farmer has paid back every last Dram and some have come back for a second cow or a second milking machine.

This program is not new. It began with a generous donation from Armen and Nadya Ekserciyan in Argentina. It continued with several generous donors from around the world, including a quiet but successful businessman from Istanbul who'd rather remain anonymous, Ohan Garibian of Los Angeles, Levon Der Bedrossian of San Francisco and others.

There is a need for funds for five cows before the end of March.

Civilitas America invites the readers to go to  and click on a cow — a whole cow or parts of a cow… It'll be the best Easter gift ever. You can donate (tax-deductible!) in the name of someone you love. They'll be pleased you remembered them. And you and they will be happy that you are helping families in Artsakh live self-reliant lives of dignity.

For farmers throughout Armenia and Artsakh, spring and summer are the time for greater productivity and greater income — hopefully enough to sustain them throughout the year.  Five farmers in Artsakh are waiting for you to help them do just that.

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See video clip prepared by Civilitas about milking machines as part of a rural development program: