Fund raising dinner in Dubai for Mesrobian High School in Bourj Hammoud

Fund raising dinner in Dubai for Mesrobian High School in Bourj Hammoud

On March 8, 2012, at Al Bustan Rotana Hotel Dubai a benevolent banquet was arranged by Mr. & Mrs. Varouj and Nirva Nerguizian on the occasion of the visit of the Members of the Board of Trustees and Principal Of Mesrobian College from Lebanon. The purpose of this private dinner party was raising funds for Mesrobian College. There were 330 guests from different prominent figures of Armenian and Lebanese community both from Lebanon and Dubai, in addition to local representatives.

Mr. Varouj Nerguizian emphasized in his welcoming speech, on the significant humanistic role that the Armenian Catholic Mesrobian High School is playing in spreading the Armenian culture and education. Mr. Nerguizian expressed his gratitude to the sponsors? moral support and financial generosity.

After Mr. Nerguizian?s warm speech, Mesrobian?s former principal, Monsignor George Yeghiayan expressed his gratitude first to God, for making this gathering possible and commented: ?with the hospitality of our Arab friends, it was possible for us to achieve this gathering in this prosperous land.? And then he appreciated Mr. Varouj Nerguizian?s efforts and devotion in preparing this kind of big event.

Then the stage was given to Mr. Gregoire Kaloust, the principal of Mesrobian High School. He put emphasize on education as the basis of human progress, and that only the upcoming civilized generation can provide harmony, cooperation and world peace. At the end of his speech he was grateful for those dedicated sponsors, in particular Mr. Varouj Nerguizian, with whom all the school dreams were and are becoming realities. Finally, he was thankful to Mrs. Nirva Nerguizian and Mr. Setrak Mechedjian for their hard work in the organization and preparation of this kind of event.

This Private Dinner Party was animated by the world famous Armenian artist Mr. Kev Orkian, who came specially from England and amazed the gathering by his one and a half hour show.

The benevolent dinner, with its nature and the amount of funds raised, at the 73rd anniversary of Mesrobian College, represents a new and a bright page in the history of the school, which is a sign of confidence in this great institution.

Big thanks to Mesrobian?s friends who live abroad, they will be forever the inspiration to progress and improve in our mission.

We thank all our sponsors.
Source: Website of the Mesrobian Armenian Catholic Mesrobian High School & Technical College, March 2012