Spitak resumes dance classes in Amman

Spitak resumes dance classes in Amman


Ms. Anna Shahinyan

By Talin L.V. Yergatian

Azad-Hye Special

As you pass through the city of Amman and make your way to the hills of Ashrafieh, you drive through a relatively quiet neighborhood. Upon following the curving road towards an uphill dead-end street, a sweet rumbling noise fills the air. The all too familiar music of Armenian pop artists is being played once again. SPITAK Barakhoomp is warming up and back in practice!

Upon last year?s performance, it was clear to all members, parents and spectators alike that SPITAK had made headway in reviving the cultural identity of Armenians in Amman through the art of dance. With such a successful show, all members were keen to continue practices, even with the departure of our dance instructor Ms. Anna Shahinyan. Three of the group?s members, Ohan Serpekian, Talin Yergatian, and Maral Vartanian, led the practices primarily to allow youth that were interested in joining the group to learn not only the basic moves but also to learn a majority of the dances choreographed by Ms. Anna.

It was thus a joyful day when all members, old and new alike heard that Ms. Anna was to return from Armenia!

Not only has the SPITAK Barakhoomp grown in numbers, but now also has added a youth dance group. The group now consists of sixty members, thirty of them children. These children, ages six to fourteen, show a relentless attitude when it comes to their practices. Ever so intrigued by their dance teacher, they hold on to her every word and step, eagerly tapping their feet, with the biggest grins, elated to follow in the footsteps of their older Barakhoomp members.

If you may be passing through Amman, or are looking forward to attending cultural related events, take some time to join our Facebook group and check for the latest events SPITAK will be attending.

Facebook Group of Spitak – Armenian Traditional Folk Dance Group

Spitak resumes dance classes in Amman Spitak resumes dance classes in Amman
Spitak resumes dance classes in Amman Spitak resumes dance classes in Amman


  1. Long live Spitak Barakhomp

  2. As always Talin, amazing article. I wished you could show a photo of our young dancers while practicing, I am sure it would impress the reader a lot more as I were when I first seen the photos.

  3. Great one Talin. Keep it up and thanks For Azad-Hye. All the best for the team.

  4. Vana Mahserejian Tavitian November 28, 2010, 5:41 pm

    Very proud of you guys… Keep up the good work.

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