The inauguration of the Antelias Seminary’s new academic year

The inauguration of the Antelias Seminary’s new academic year

Antelias Seminary?The seminar is the structure of forming true men?, says Aram I


The 77th academic year of the Antelias Seminary was launched on October 15 in Antelias with an official ceremony following the service on the Feast of Holy Translators.


His Holiness Aram I presided over the service. Holy Mass was conducted by Seminary Dean V. Rev. Fr. Shahe Panossian who talked about the mission of the Seminary in the service of the Armenian Church and nation.


After the service, a procession of the Cilician Brotherhood and the Seminary students marched towards the Veharan where the Pontiff presided over the inauguration ceremony.


Speaking on behalf of the Seminary?s administration, V. Rev. Fr. Panossian expressed his gratitude to His Holiness for trusting him with the important responsibility of the Seminary?s Dean. He briefly talked about the new academic curriculum and the current situation of the staff and teachers. The Dean also touched on the high expectations of the Armenians from the Antelias Seminary.


The Pontiff announced the official start of the new academic year at the Seminary with his Pontifical blessings. Drawing on images from the Bible, he spoke about the importance of dedication and quality in the Seminary students.


?The Seminary forms such people who will completely dedicate themselves to our nation and church. The Bible says that a healthy tree bears healthy fruits. The fruits testify that the tree is healthy and vice versa. The Seminary is a tree, nurtured in the garden of life of our church; a tree, which, during the past 76 years, bore a lot of fruits and our nation witnessed the healthy fruits of that healthy tree. However, there were also bad fruits that feel from the tree so it can remain healthy and continue giving healthy fruits, because our Antelias Seminary is the structure of forming true men, said His Holiness Aram I.


The program of the ceremony also featured the performance of hymns and readings from the Bible and Nareg.


At the end of the ceremony, the new and old Seminary students and their parents received the Pontiff?s blessings by kissing his right hand. The choir sang ?Der Getso?, ?Cilicia? and ?I Veh Partsants?.


Classes at the Seminary of the Catholicosate started Monday (16 October 2006) morning in Bikfaya.


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