Tom Sarkis: Combining academic studies with business spirit

Tom Sarkis: Combining academic studies with business spirit

The 2006 article was replaced with the below updated one:

Tom Sarkis and President ClintonTom Sarkis: Founder of “Tom's Club” – where People meet People

In 2009, a new dimension of exclusive events started with the foundation of “Tom?s Club” where People meet People.
“Tom?s Club” is a Non-Profit group and Vienna?s leading exclusive event management group that organizes Diplomatic & Business events for the members of the International-European Organizations.

“Tom?s Club” has the following sectors:
From the 2nd anniversary celebration event:  

  1. Hey Tom,

    Nice interview and interesting life experience. We, SarvertZ team are proud of you!

    Vienna misses you and the UN staff are requesting a unique party in 2007.





    Hi Tom,

    Hope you're doing well and Just wanted to say Parev:)

    It was pleasure meeting you at Cerruti event *Triology Dubai*.

    Let's keep in touch and you know where to find me:)

    personal regards,



  3. hola thomas!

    que tal estas? cuando vienes a vienna?


    Embassy of egypt in vienna

  4. Thisisnotanexit August 9, 2007, 6:56 am

    The whole of vienna was Rocking! Now the whole of dubai is Rocking! Rock On Dude.

  5. Hey Tom,

    Meeting you at Burj Dubai was a pleasure.

    Don't forget to take me with one of your luxurious jets next time we meet:)

    Looking forward to seeing you in Geneva in May and all the best in your business.

    Personal regards,


  6. Hello Tom!

    I like your story and your life experience is quite interesting.

    Look forward to attend one of your VIP events in Vienna.

    Bis bald,


  7. Robert Taller July 6, 2009, 4:09 pm

    Guten Tag Mr. Tom!

    I attended your JetLag event @ the Box, Hilton Hotel Vienna on 28th of May & to tell the truth, it was the best Fashion clubing of Vienna :-)

    Congratulations for the success & looking forward to meeting you this friday @ Kursalon Huebner Event.



  8. Hey Tom-how are you? we met two weeks ago at Georgio Armani Club in Burj Khalifa/Dubai. Thanks for inviting me to your event at Sensation/Crowne plaza…although I didn't see you that night due to thousands of guests-:)

    I just want to tell you that the party was crazy and very cool. kisses from Almaty/Kazakhstan


  9. Good Morning Armenians! I am glad that when you are far from your birthplace YOU DO NOT forget your roots.

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