Vatche Yergatian: General Manager of Marriott Hotels & Resorts Jordan

Vatche Yergatian: General Manager of Marriott Hotels & Resorts Jordan



Vatche Yergatian, General Manager of Marriott Hotels and Resorts Jordan, a man who defines hotelier, shares his expertise and knowledge about the hospitality industry in Jordan.   


It was a sunny Friday afternoon when we met Vatche Yergatian, and his family, at his home. The warmth and friendliness was immediately felt as his family lovingly greeted us with a feast prepared by his charming wife in their delightful colorful backyard, accompanied by the sweet sounds of traditional Armenian music. One instantly feels at home, and realizes that – behind this pleasant atmosphere – lies a story that tells of a man who climbed a ladder of great success in Jordan and aboard. “I” magazine talks to Vatche Yergatian, General Manager of Amman Marriott Hotel, about his achievements, goals, and his philosophy concerning the true meaning of 'Hospitality.'


Vatche started his career in the Hospitality Industry in 1974 after graduating from school. Initially, Vatche had plans to continue his BA Degree in Dentistry. However, his pleasure in the “Hospitality, Guest and Customer Interaction” field changed the path of his career. Vatche explains: “I started from scratch; from a Front Office Receptionist to various positions in different departments, seeking opportunities in different companies. Later, I moved abroad and resettled back in Jordan in 1984, where I started working with Marriott Hotel, enabling me to work in different locations, including Poland, Beirut, and Eastern Europe. This was a very challenging experience, mainly because these locations were still underdeveloped in Hospitality standards, and I am glad to have been part of the process; training staff through instilling within them a love of the Industry.”


After concluding his tasks in various locations, Vatche was moved to the Marriott Hotel head quarters in Washington DC. He was in charge of training staff in 250 Marriott Hotels worldwide, which he did for six continuous years. Today, Vatche has re-settled back in Jordan, and is successfully managing one of the finest hotels in Jordan. The secret of his success lies behind his true understanding and passion of 'Hospitality.' Vatche explains: “Hospitality is a much better word than “service”, to describe what we should be providing. Our terminology should change in the entire Service Industry, at least in 'Hospitality'; drop the use of 'Customer Service', and replace it with 'Customer Hospitality.' The Hospitality business requires us to focus on providing all customers with an experience to remember.”


Vatche believes that attitude plays a huge role in Customer Hospitality: “What does it take to be kind, considerate, warm, and giving? Since my assignment to Jordan, I have committed myself to investing in the local talents, and endorsing the unmatchable heritage of Jordanian Hospitality. The loyalty, passion, and friendliness of our staff exhibit core values that my team and myself strive to deliver.”


His love for Jordan, and his belief in the richness and capabilities it holds and will develop, has encouraged him to promise many young Jordanians, majoring in Hotel Management, that he will fully support them when they seek employment opportunities in the Hospitality Industry. Vatche continues: “It is such a rewarding experience to watch so many of our enthusiastic trainees become successful leaders in the Industry.”


According to Vatche, his deeds mirror the 'Marriott's International Culture': “The spirit to serve our community.”


VATCHE YERGATIAN DURING HIS SPARE TIMEHe believes that the three Marriott hotels in Jordan have obligations towards the Kingdom, and these are achieved through commitments emerging from developing the Tourism Industry; upgrading the Hospitality, Tourism, and Education fields, and realizing the dream of visionary Jordanians and turning it into a reality, by encouraging them to have a career in the Hospitality Industry.


Finally, Vatche repeats a statement recently shared with an audience by a visitor to Jordan:


“I visit your country as a tourist, I enter your house as a guest, and I leave your country as a friend. It is indeed an honor to lead one of the Hospitality institutions in this “GEM” of a country.”


It has been said that hospitality should be a reflection of love. Indeed, when hospitality is genuinely offered, it serves as a reminder of humanity, compassion, and love. Vatche is a distinguished character who truly knows the real meaning of 'Hospitality': A man of diligence, integrity, and courage and, above all, kind-hearted; leaving behind his mark in every location he's ever settled in.


Source: “I” magazine, Amman, Jordan, Issue 12, July 2006


Notes: “I” magazine is published in Jordan since August 2005. 


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