Antranig Granian (Father)

On Thursday, March 19, 2009, during a Haigazian University Gala Banquet, held at the Habtoor Grand Hotel, Beirut, the “Distinguished Scholar Award” of Haigazian University was granted to Monseigneur Antarnig Granian, for his venerable devotion to Armenology and liturgical studies, with enduring faith and nurturing grace.

Father Granian's ecclesiastical and scholarly portfolio is as full as it could be. As a clergyman, he has been member of the Bzoummar Patriarchal Congregation, headmaster, organizer of the library, and head of a number of Armenian Catholic church communities in Tehran, Damascus, and Beirut; as a teacher/professor he has left a lasting mark in the academic lives of the St. Joseph University, the Holy Spirit University in Kaslik, and of course for a long time at Haigazian University, teaching classical Armenian literature, Armenian church music, church history, classical Armenian, and Armenian liturgy.

He is an author, playwright, editor of dictionaries, and founder of magazines, Armenian church youth movements and Armenological volumes.

His contribution to the Haigazian University community, in particular through his leadership as editor in chief of the prestigious Haigazian Armenological Review has been invaluable.

“But again, the reason why he deserves merit is not only the amount of knowledge he owned and taught and continues to communicate, but his Christ-like spirit,” said President of Haigazian University Paul Haidostian, very emotionally touched upon presenting the award to his professor, acknowledging the fact that he has been blessed to disciple such great men as Father Granian.

Source: Haigazian University press release

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