Hrant Vartzbedian

Hrant Vartzbedian

Hrant VartzbedianEgyptian Armenian community activitst.


Bron in 1971.


Active member of AGBU Alexandria, Egypt.


Works in the leather and Leather-wear business.


Married to Shoghig Varjabedian. 2 children.


Started the Armenian Yahoo group in July of 1999 (current number of members about 1300). He has moderated more than 20 thousand contributions from the members, triggering some of the most interesting online debates and discussions on Armenian subjects.


Introduction page of the Armenian Yahoo groups spells out the main principles:
We are Armenian regardless where we were born or where we are now, Motherland or Diaspora, we are people of great history and heritage, survivors against all odds.


Our ancestors have suffered enough throughout history to insure us our right of existence, our freedom of belief, thought and speech.


By discussing the matters that touch us all and the future of our people and homeland we are drawn closer together, it's that binding effect that will keep us strong as it did throughout centuries.


There are so many Armenians scattered around the world today, a lot of them are lost or are on their way, but still more are united, It's our duty to connect to those and link them to our world, our activities, clubs and churches.


The Armenian Genocide is a reality not a debatable subject.

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