Joseph Ghougassian, Dr. (Ambassador)

Joseph Ghougassian, Dr. (Ambassador)

Joseph Ghougassian and Gregoire KaloustEx-Ambassador of the USA to Qatar and Iraq.


Below is a report on Dr. J. Ghougassian's visit to an Armenian school in Beirut:


In the morning of November 21, 2007, Dr. Joseph Ghougassian, the former Ambassador of the United States of America to Qatar and Iraq, became the guest at Mesrobian High School. In the presence of the respectable guests and after a coy conversation in the parlour of the school, the principal of the school talked about Mesrobian's past and present achievements. He introduced the honorable guest to the website of the school and to the monthly magazine “Mesrobian Messenger“.


Dr. Ghougassian, after having a tour of the school, in his turn, expressed his great contentment for the achievements of this Armenian institution and the high level of education that bestows to his students.


The Ambassador appreciated Mr. Gregoire Kaloust, the principal of the school “for the realization that has made the school enter the twenty first century”. He also expressed his gratitude for being invited to be present at the celebration of the Independence of Lebanon at Mesrobian School.


Source: Mesrobian Mesrobian High School & Technical College's website, Beirut, Lebanon (Link). 


Photo: Ambassador Ghougassian (left) and School Principal Kaloust (right).

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