Nina Jidejian

Archeologist and historian.

One of her latest publications is the 400-page English language historical study of the southern Lebanese city Sidon. The book is titled “Sidon Through the Ages” (2006). It is rich with documentary inscriptions and photographs about this historical city.

Jidejian is well known for her valuable publications on various Lebanese cities. The list of her books include: Byblos Through the Ages (1968), Tyre Through the Ages (1969), Sidon Through the Ages (1971, revised 2006), Beirut Through the Ages (1973), and Baalbek: Heliopolis, City of the Sun (1975), etc.

Jidejian was born in Boston, raised in Tehran and ended up in Beirut thanks to a visit she paid her sister, who suffered a minor accident in the Lebanese capital and had to convalesce in the hospital. While visiting, Jidejian fell for her future husband. Though she had completed two years of university in Iran, she didn't return to school until after she married and had a child. Her AUB thesis on Byblos became her first book.

Read an article in Azad-Hye on the publication of her recent book.

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