Suzanne Khardalian

Suzanne Khardalian

Suzanne Khardalian

Independent filmmaker and journalist, born 1956. She studied journalism in Beirut and Paris and worked as a journalist in Paris until 1988 when she started to work with films.

Films by Pea Holmquist and Suzanne Khardalian:  

Back to Ararat (The Armenian Genocide 1988)

Unsafe Ground (Sweden / Lebanon 1993)

The Lion from Gaza (Sweden/ Palestine 1996)

Her Armenian Prince (1997)

From Opium to Chrysanthemums (2000)

Where Lies My Victory (2002)


Suzanne Khardalian in Azad-Hye:

Suzanne Khardalian visits UAE and presents one of her movies to Armenian audience in Sharjah

Review of two films by Suzanne Khardalian and Rea Holmquist

An article by Suzanne Kharadlian about the immigration problem in Armenia

Photo by Azad-Hye

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