Tony Moroyan

Tony Moroyan

Tony MoroyanCo-Founder and Chairman of ArmTech Congress;
CEO and Chairman of Impeva Labs, Inc. in Silicon Valley;
Chairman of ViaShpere Ventures, Inc.

Mr Moroyan is the Co-Founder of ArmTech Congress as well as the Co-Chairman of ArmTech Congress '09 and ArmTech Congress '07 and 08. He is on the board of Managing Directors of ArmTech/AACC, the non-profit legal entity of ArmTech Congress in the USA.

Mr Moroyan's journey to revive and modernize the high tech industry of Armenia started in 1991 when he was invited by the newly born government to help the government, the industry and the academia to help transform Armenia a sought after off-shore destination for high tech investments and operations. He has been one of the early pioneers, investors and evangelists for Armenia's high tech industry. His work has included establishing the internationally award winning ViaSphere Technopark, the first successful commercial technopark and incubator in Armenia. He has bee responsible to form several high tech start ups in Armenia and successfully conclude M & A's and help bring Synopsys, Inc, the leading Silicon Valley based EDA Company to Armenia.

Mr. Moroyan is a seasoned and hands-on executive of high tech industry trend setting multinationals, start-ups, venture capital, angel funds, M&A and spin-offs. He has been founder, president and board member of several successful leading edge start-ups since 1994. He was the founder of one of the first commercial incubators in Silicon Valley.

Tony has been a Strategic Advisor to multinational (e.g. Microsoft, Sharp, Philips, and Compaq) as well as to Technology and Industry Ministries of Japan, Brazil, Armenia and emerging countries.

Mr. Moroyan is the CEO and Chairman of Impeva Labs, Inc., a leader in secure & “Smarter” Global Asset Management & Information Assurance Corporation.

He is on several Boards of corporations, academic institutions and charitable organizations.

He holds a Bachelors and Masters Degree from UC Berkeley.

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