110th anniversary of the revolution of Zeitoun

110th anniversary of the revolution of Zeitoun

Dr. Sebouh Siserian a descendant of ZeitounThe Union of Zeitoun Armenians organized on November 9 a celebration of the 110th anniversary of the Zeitoun Revolution. The event held at the Der Melkonian Hall in Bourdj Hammoud, was sponsored by His Holiness Aram I.


The event attracted community leaders including Primate of the Diocese of Lebanon, Bishop Kegham Khatcherian, the Armenian Ambassador in Lebanon, Vahan Der Ghevontian, mayor of Bourdj Hammoud, Antranig Meserelian, clergy, representatives of political, cultural organizations and unions of other regions, in addition to a large public.


In his opening remarks the union?s chairman, Berge Arabian, said 110 years after the ?greatest victory in the history of Zeitoun and Cilicia,? Armenians are gathered ?to send good news to Zeitoun through their survival.? He stressed that the descendants of Zeitount?s Armenians will bravely defend their nation?s rights in their respective communities.


The legacy of the Zeitoun Revolution was then revived through poetry and music by performances by Hagop Mikaelian, Alina Guilvanessian-Dakessian, Arek Dakessian, Anayis Nenedjian-Gedigian and Ani Yepremian.


The speaker of the event, Harout Sassounain, stressed that in their struggle today Armenians should follow the steps of the brave Zeitountsi that fought in the revolution.


Himself a descendant of Zeitoun Armenians, Sassounian said that the means of the struggle have changed today, but the challenges remain the same: surviving as Armenians and defending the Armenian nation?s rights.


The speaker pointed out that the Armenian Cause is an international Cause today and said the results of this week?s US congressional elections have possibly created a positive situation for the pursuit of the Armenian Cause. He added that Armenians should not only block Turkey?s membership to the European Union, but create opportunities that would cause major setbacks in Turkey?s policy.


Concluding his speech, Sassounian said that the first Armenian school in the United States was established with the efforts of Lebanese Armenians. He added that the donation he brought to the Armenian schools of Lebanon was a ?mutual gesture.?


The sponsor of the event, His Holiness Aram I, then said that being proud in the past is not enough, as it is essential to strengthen the present with the past and to look to the future.


His Holiness Aram I advised looking at the status of Armenian communities, and particularly the Lebanese-Armenian community, with a spirit of useful self-criticism. ?Presenting everyone as pink and beautiful is not right; on the contrary, it is harmful and destructive. Self-praise subjects us to regression and retreat in all fields. We should be realistic and see our mistakes; we should have the courage to correct our shortcomings and to look at our future with faith and self-confidence. This is how we can progress as a community and as a nation with all our communities and throughout Armenia and the Diaspora?, he said.


Commending the donation to the Armenian schools of Lebanon, His Holiness stated that Zeitoun is not a mere city in the history of the Armenian nation, but a synonym of bravery for Armenians.


At the end of the event the Catholicos presented the medal of a ?Cilician Knight? to Dr. Sebouh Siserian, a descendent of Zeitoun Armenians, as an acknowledgement for his contribution to Armenian national life.



– Attendants at the Commemoration of the 110-Anniversary of revolution of Zeitoun, 9 November 2006, “Hagop Der Melkonian” hall, Bourj Hamoud, Beirut, Lebanon.

– His Holiness decorates Dr. Sebouh Siserian with the ?Cilician Knight? insignia


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110th anniversary of revolution of Zeitoun