A delegation from Hunchak Party visits Catholicos Aram I

A delegation from Hunchak Party visits Catholicos Aram I

Logo of the Social Democrat Hunchak Party (an Armenian traditional party)His Holiness Aram I received 2 November 2006 a delegation from the Social Democrat Hunchak Party in Lebanon headed by Dr. Matsag Poladian.


The delegation discussed with the Pontiff various issues and concerns related to the Armenian community of Lebanon, focusing mainly on the need to strengthen the Armenian schools, Armenian national structures and the internal unity of the community overall.


The current leadership of the party assured the Catholicos of its readiness to contribute to the strengthening of the Lebanese Armenian community?s internal unity through collective action and an active participation in inter-party meetings.


The Pontiff stressed the need of transcending over narrow party interests and gathering around collective ideals for the sake of safeguarding national unity.


Reminding that the Armenian community of Lebanon managed to preserve its dignity during the difficult days of the Civil war in Lebanon by adopting an approach of positive neutrality, His Holiness said: ?the Armenians of Lebanon should adopt the same united stand today and our parties have an important role to play in this respect.


His Holiness advised that inter-party meetings between the three Armenian political parties should be organized on a more frequent basis. United stands should be adopted always taking into consideration the supreme interests of Lebanon and the Armenian community, he added.


Source: Newsletter of the Catholicosate of Cilicia

Issue Number 115, 03 November 2006

Website: www.cathcil.org


Picture: Logo of the Hunchak Party