Armenian Lebanese solidarity song by Gassan Rahbani

Armenian Lebanese solidarity song by Gassan Rahbani

Gassan Rahbani   

Azad-Hye Special


We live here” a bilingual Arabic – Armenian song by Gassan Rahbani has been released in Beirut (In Arabic: Nehna haoon men ish; In Armenian: Menk hos gabrink).


Gassan Rahbani is the nephew (in-law) of the great Lebanese singer Fayrouz. His father is famous lyrical author, composer, orchestra arranger and conductor Elias Rahbani, one of the three Rahbani Brothers


Gassan's first piano teacher was Agop Arslanian (read biography below).


“We live here” starts with a preface: To the beloved Armenian people, I donate these feelings.


Then comes the Arabic part:


We came from injustice, we came from misery,
We carried on with us our past and we were raised to know about the tragedy.
We knew what martyrdom means and the forgiveness that quenches us.
We walked and arrived here and left behind our songs.
We are going to live here, we are going to die here.
We were created as revolutionaries and free. 
O Lebanon stay, we will sacrifice to hold you high.
Blood cheapens for your sake Lebanon.



We are going to live here, we are going to die here,
Together we will build up Lebanon.
We love the homeland with our heart and soul,
We are the Armenians and we Are Lebanon.


We are the heart that beats in the center of the city,
We reject humiliation and hate animosity,
They might say many things about us, but whatever they say,
We were born again with this resistant people.


We are going to live here, we are going to die here …


The Armenian part has almost the same words. 


Gassan Rahbani: We live here (dedicated to Lebanese Armenians)

Famous Lebanese singer – composer Gassan Rahbani starts this touching song in Arabic and continues singing in Armenian.

It's about the Armenian genocide, the exile, the stablishment of Lebanese-Armenians and Lebanon.

Director Fouad Khoury

The following comment appeared on Yahoo Armenian Group on 17 November 2007 written by Viken L. Attarian:  

“It is heart warming to see that the real Lebanese are standing up for their fellow citizens. The song is in a We are the world style and is certainly a tune that will be remembered in your head for a while. On the other hand, the fact that such a song is being circulated is worisome, because this may suggest that clouds are gathering over the head of the Armenian community there.  All Armenians around the world should be ready to mobilize in solidarity at a moment's notice”.

With Fayrouz when Gassan was a little childGassan Rahbani's biography

Gassan Rahbani is producer, song writer, composer, arranger, orchestra conductor, pianist and singer. He is born in Antelias (Beirut suburb), Lebanon, May 13, 1964.


He is raised in a family of musicians. His father is famous musician Elias Rahbani.


At the age of 6 he started his classical piano courses under the guidance of his teacher Agop Arslanian, followed by Solfege theory, both traditional and modern harmony, contrepoint, fugue,musical analysis & orchestration.


At the age of 11, he sung along with his brother Jad the famous long playing children's song album composed by their father Elias Rahbani, containing 13 of what became the most famous kids songs in Lebanon such as: Kellon indoun sayarat, Ammy Bou Massoud, etc.


Pioneer of Hard rock in Lebanon and the Middle East. He spent the first 10 years of his career writing and composing this genre. He started his activities at the age of 15 by launching his first album (in English) followed by the second and third at the age of 16 as a solo artist.


At the age of 17 in 1981 he formed “WILD HAZE” along with George Hayek (Guitars & Vocals), Fida Zalloom (bass), Tony Samaha (Drums & Vocals), in the middle of the Lebanese war which has affected a lot his ideas in heavy metal music.


In 1984 he created the Gassan Rahbani Group (GRG), which took the audience by storm specially with its stage appearances starting with the unforgettable “Dog river rock concert” in 1985, followed by ” The Casino du Liban rock concert” in 1986.


In 1990 the situation in Lebanon pushed him to express his pain, thoughts and ideas in the local Language beside the English singing defending ecology and criticizing authorities, Lebanese and Arab governors.


In 1997 a big turning point in Gassan's artistic career was his first historical musical epic “Hanibal” which he wrote and composed with more than 60 actors on stage directed by Yacoob Shedrawi. This historical epic played around 12 months in Lebanon.


In the year 2000, Gassan played the role of Judas in “And He roses on the third day” musical by Ossama Rahbani, written by Mr . Mansour Rahbani & directed by Marwan Rahbani.


With piano teacher Agop Arslanian“The 4 CATS” band, was his last innovation formed late 1997.


In 2003 Gassan released the “Al bayda wil takshira” Album containing 15 tracks all in Lebanese, talking about politics, ecology…


November 2003 Gassan Rahbani launched his new play called “Kama ala el ard, kazalika … min fawk” at the Casino du Liban Theater. The Story was written, composed,arranged, directed, recorded, mixed and played by Gassan Rahbani, with more than 70 actors, dancers and technicians.


2006 Gassan Rahbani Group released its heavy metal album called “www dot

redpeace dot braindamage” containing 16 tracks from heavy to blues and ballades.


The latest 2006 by Gassan Rahbani was “Kermal laam bimootoo” album lyrics and music Elias Rahbani.


1- Child Gassan in the hands of Fayrouz.
2- Gassan Rahbani and his brother Jad with their piano teacher Agop Arslanian.


  1. Hi Mr. Ghassan,

    Thank you very much for your marvelous effort.

    We are prowed to be Armenians all over the world not only in Lebanon.

    Great job, really appreciated.

    Be well and happy new year


  2. issac dikranian April 24, 2008, 12:03 pm
    I am personaly proud that there are people like Ghassan Rahbani. He did a great job. We appreciate his sincere contribution and feel satisfied that through such efforts people from many countries would be interested in us and know more about our nation.
  3. Nadeem Khoury May 12, 2008, 2:57 am

    Dear Ghassan,

    Marvelous work. Thanks a lot.

    N. Khoury (75% Armenian, 25% Arab Palestinian)


    Satellite Communications Department

    HICAP Telecom Co. Ltd.

    Riyadh, Saudi Arabia




  4. Katia Peltekian May 16, 2008, 4:20 am
    “WE LIVE HERE” by Ghassan Rahbani
    Just a background note, the artist (lyrics, music and performance) is Ghassan Mansour Rahbani, the son of one of the greatest Lebanese musicians the Elias and Mansour Rahbani Brothers who had brought Lebanese music, musicals and songs to international level. Some?of you already know the Lebanese greatest?singer Feirouz, who is the wife of?Elias Rahbani.?
    Ghassan?wrote this song last year when there were open verbal attacks against Armenians in Lebanon after the?by-elections. Only recently was the video clip made. By the way, the young generation of the Rahbanis use an Orchestra from?Armenia for most of their concerts and?musical theater, whether in Baalbeck (Lebanon)?or in the Arab Gulf.
    For those who don't know Arabic or Lebanon: The first part of the song is in Arabic – which mainly says something to the effect that we, who know mysery and martyrdom and were deported from our lands, arrived?in Lebanon. We left behind our lands,?songs, culture, etc. to live in Lebanon and to build a nation, etc. The statue you see is the one in Bikfaya (hillside “suburb” of Beirut, a few minutes' drive from Antelias) dedicated to the Armenian Genocide. The rest is in Bourj Hammoud and Lebanon in general
    The second half is in Armenian, and I guess you all?understand what he's saying. It's amazing how well he pronounces the Armenian words.
    Katia Peltekian
  5. Good Job Ghassan… god bless you and bless our country Lebanon. Charbel Rady, Los Angeles, California.

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