Armenian participation in Gulfood 2007

Armenian participation in Gulfood 2007

Gulfood 2007

9 Armenian companies participated in the 12th Gulf Food, Hotel and Equipment Exhibition at Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center, from 19-22 February 2007.


Organised since 1987, Gulfood is the region's largest and most important industry event of the year and a strategic platform for buyers and sellers to conduct direct business face to face. The exhibition is a showcase for manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers from around the world, representing all of the key sectors within the food and hospitality trade.


In 2007, Gulfood brought together more than 1500 direct exhibitors, representing some 2400 companies, specialised in the food and hospitality trade from 76 countries. There was 40% growth in exhibition space compared to 2006. 86% were international exhibitors, including 56 national pavilions. 


Gulfood 2007 has attracted more than 37 thousand visitors from more than 140 countries. It is open to trade visitors only. The event was directly advertised in more than 30 countries. Over 300 journalists, reporters and editors from around the world attended it.


9 Armenian companies showcased this year their products in Gulfood 2007. The Armenian Pavilion was in Zabeel Hall. The companies were: Arcolad CJSC, BAKSS LLC, Dili LLC, Dustr Marianna LLC, Echmiadzin Cannery CJSC, Elola CJSC, Natfood CJSC, SIS Natural LLC and Umbrella LLC (see details below)


Azad-Hye met several exhibitors and visitors. Anushavan Khachatryan from the ?Armenian Trade House General Trading LLC? (see details below) said that his company is a newly formed general trading company which has the capacity of representing and distributing any Armenian product in the United Arab Emirates and other GCC markets.


?The main objective is to encourage the export of the Armenian products to this area and find effective channels of distribution? said Khachatryan. ?The idea is not a new one. We had very good results since we established the company officially 7 months ago. At this moment we are dealing with brands from six different companies. Our next step is to open a supermarket, which will be a sort of permanent exhibition for Armenian products. We provide consultancy on export and customs subjects. Such information is vital, especially for small and medium size companies in Armenia that need to explore regional or international markets?, he added.


Armen Hakobyan of ?SIS Natural LLC? underlined that ?This is our third year of participation in Gulfood. We are introducing new brands this year. On the other hand, we have labeled our old brands with new designs and enriched the collection with new flavors. We have come to Dubai with renewed hopes for finding new markets, especially in the neighboring Gulf countries (Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar etc.). The number of people who are visiting our stand is big, but those who are interested in closing deals with us are limited. The competitiveness is high?.


Sirarpi Shanlyan from ?Arcolad LLC? gave an overview of her company?s product: ?We are a chocolate manufacturing company catering for demanding clientele. We produce six varieties of chocolate coated dried fruits, such as apricot, fig, peach, melon etc. Our product is pure and without any preserving substances. We have corporate clients who use our products as corporate gifts. We had many trade visitors during the Gulfood exhibition but did not close any deal yet?.    


Zareh Sargsyan from Echmiadzin Cannery CJSC said: ?This is our first time presence in Dubai. We aim to introduce our product here and see how it could position ourselves in the market. We provide tomato and vegetable cannery. Gulfood is a huge exhibition. We cannot achieve much if we do not find the right distributor, who will undertake to channel our products in the local market?.



Arcolad CJSC


Arcolad entered the market in October 2005, with the aim to provide the consumers with high quality chocolate products, using modern machinery, technology and best possible raw materials.


Arcolad is a unique well-balanced combination of real chocolate creams, walnuts and ecologically sound dried fruits from the sunny Ararat Valley. Arcolad is proud to present six varieties of chocolate coated dried fruits amd four of chocolate with various fillings.


Arcolad supplies to most popular store chains, specialist shops and restaurants in Armenia, as well as making individualised items for corporate clients.


Contact persons:
Emil Harutyunyan, Director
Mobile: + 374 93 737033
E-mail: [email protected]


Sirarpi Shanlyan, Assistant of Director
Mobile: +374 93 354064
E-mail: [email protected]


17/5 Metsarents Street, Yerevan 0065, Armenia
Tel: + 374 10 711144
Fax: + 374 10711155
Website will be ready soon.




BAKSS Ltd has specialized in live Crawfish and fresh fish for over 8 years. We fly in our high quality products very quickly all around the globe. If you are looking for fresh and delicious product, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can be sure you're receiving the freshest product.


The crawfish, offered by the Company, is hunted in the lake Sevan, which is situated at a height of 2000m above sea level. Due to its fresh waters, the Sevan?s crawfish is well-known around the world. The crawfish is placed in the Company?s pools, specially built for crawfish storage with constantly running drinkable artesian water. The crawfish washing procedures are also performed there in the pools.


After washing in the pools, the crawfish is taken to packaging workshop, where after checking by the pieces, they are placed in the boxes, designed for water animals. After packaging, the boxes with crawfishes are weighed and taken to the cold-storage warehouse with the temperature of +2?C – +4?C.


The cooled boxes are immediately loaded to the refrigerated truck and moved to the airport. At the airport the boxes with crawfishes are again placed in the cold-storage warehouse, and they are loaded to the airplane after getting special veterinary permission.


The Company supplies live crawfishes to several countries around the world (France, Austria, Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Belgium, Czechia, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Russia, USA and Ukraine).


Contact person:
Samvel Beglaryan, President


6 Chekov Street, Yerevan 375093, Armenia
Tel: +374 10 444115 / +374 10 444215
Fax: +374 10 444116
[email protected] 


Dili LLC company from Armenia in Gulfood 2007Dili LLC


Dili Company built an agro-processing complex in 2005 in Dilijan city, Armenia. The company aims to produce ecologically sound agricultural products that correspond to internationally accepted food quality standards and to marketing these products in Armenian and foreign markets.


From August 2006, the company has been productin Italian cheese varieties such as Mozzarella, Mozzarella for pizza and Cheese Armenian. Dili aims at expanding its variety of agricultural products and at developing livestock breeding in Armenia by marketing cattle raised in their own farm.


Contact person:
Alexander Alexanian, Sales Department


55 Myasnikyan Street, Dilijan 3901, Armenia
Tel: +374 26 803955, +374 26 803755
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: will be ready soon.


Dustr Marianna LLC


Dustr Marianna LLC was founded in 1997. Nowadays, it is one of the leading daily companies in Armenia.


The company has a state of the art plant equipped with modern machinery and uses advanced technologies. High quality raw milk is used in production, allowing us to offer the consumers over 20 different dairy products.
All processes are organised in accordance with modern food safety and quality management standards.


6/17 Haghtanaki Street, Yerevan 375084, Armenia
Tel: +374 10 739383
Fax: +374 10 731262
[email protected]


Echmiadzin Cannery CJSC


Echmiadzin Cannery CJSC has been based since 1969 near Echmiadzin, in the heart of Ararat Valley. In a short period the factory acquired a strong reputation amongst consumers and became one of the leading canning manufacturers in Armenia.


Today the company is equipped with modern machinery and technologies.


The unsurpassed taste and rich aroma of the fruits of the Ararat Valley are invested in the finished goods through the dedication and skill of the employees.


Contact person:
Zareh Sargsyan, General Director
E-mail: [email protected]


4 Choban Cara Freeway, Vagharshapat City, 378310 Armavir Marz, Armenia
Tel: +374 10 280700
Fax: +374 23 156908
E-mail: [email protected]


Elola CJSC

Since 1993, Elola CJSC has been producing a wide variety of cheese: Lori, Chanakh, Suluguni, Armterami to name a few. Nowadays, Elola is one of the leading dairy companies in Armenia.


The application of modern production technologies allow the highest quality products. The fresh raw milk used in production is collected from alpine meadows in southern Armenia. The company operates in accordance with modern food safety and quality control standards.


3 Agatangeghos Street, Yerevan, Armenia
Tel: +374 10 283738 / +374 10 545928
[email protected]
Natfood CJSC


Natfood CJSC is one of Armenia?s leading agro-industrial companies. The company?s activities cover the whole production cycle from food production and breeding, to meat processing and distribution.


The company owns Biella brand, which is one of the most recognizable brands in Armenia.


The company focuses on the production of sausages, frankfurters and delicatessens, semi-finished and canned meat products.


1 Aeratsia Street, Yerevan 0085, Armenia
Tel: +374 10 467400
Fax: +374 10 467410
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: (under construction)


SIS Natural LLC


SIS Natural LLC produces juices, nectars, jams and marinades of the highest quality under the trade marks SIS and YAN.


Controlling quality and freshness from tree to the pack has helped the company develop recognized brand names for the health food market.


The majority of our juice does not contain any sugar. They are pasteurized without preservations or flavorings. 


Contact person:
Armen Hakobyan, General Director


2 Mamikonyants Street, Yerevan 375014, Armenia
Tel: +374 10 233336 / +374 10 744266
Fax: +374 10 233533
[email protected], [email protected]


Umbrella LLC


Umbrella LLC has been in the food industry since 2000. Starting from 2005, the company has been specialized in the production of mushrooms.


Good production facilities, modern technology and a professional team allowed us in a short period of time to become the number one supplier of fresh and processed mushrooms in the Armenian market.


Now, our company is greatly interested in exporting our high quality product to other countries.


Contact person:
Vahe Yengibaryan, Marketing Manager
E-mail: [email protected]


17 Hrachia Kochar Steet, Yerevan 375020, Armenia
Tel: +374 10 229777
Fax: +374 10 569979
E-mail: [email protected]

Armenian Trade House General Trading LLC
Anushavan Khachatryan, General Manager
P. O. Box 293024, Dubai, U.A.E.
Tel: +971 4 2582956
Fax: +971 4 2582957
Mobile: +971 50 8533738
E-mail : [email protected] 


Association of Armenian Exporters
(USAID ? Armenia Small and Medium Enterprise Market Development Project)
Website: (ASME / DAI)


Next Gulfood will take place from 24-27 February 2008 in the same venue. We hope that more Armenian companies take part in this exhibition.


Armenian and foreign businessmen living in the UAE can contact the above mentioned companies and ask additional details regarding their products.


Check the official website for additional information: 


1- At the ?Echmiadzin Cannery CJSC? stand in Gulfood 2007 Armenian pavilion
2- Alexander Alexanian of ?Dili LLC? with clients


Photo Gallery
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1- Armenian pavilion at Gulfood 2007
2- Flag of the Association of Armenian Exporters
3- ?Dustr Mariana LLC?
4- Anushavan Khachatryan (left) from ?Armenian Trade House General Trading LLC?
5- Sirarpi Shanlyan, Assistant of Director of ?Arcolad CJSC?
6- ?Arcolad? Armenian Chocolatier
7- Armen Hakobyan, General Director of ?SIS Natural LLC? (left)
8- ?YAN? a ?SIS Natural LLC? brand
9- Zareh Sargsyan, General Director of ?Echmiadzin Cannery CJSC? (right)
10- Poster of ?Echmiadzin Cannery CJSC? products
11- At the ?Echmiadzin Cannery CJSC? stand
12- ?BAKSS LLC? stand (crawfish and fresh fish)
13- Vahe Yengibaryan, Marketing Manager of ?Umbrella LLC?
14- Vahe Yengibaryan in front of his products
15- Poster of mushroom products (?Umbrella LLC?)
16- Alexander Alexanian of ?Dili LLC? with clients
17- ?Dili LLC? products
18- ?Dili LLC? poster
19- ?Elola CJSC? stand
20- ?Elola CJSC? poster
21- ?Natfood CJSC? stand


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