Bright students rewarded in Cairo

Bright students rewarded in Cairo

Cairo bright studentsAGBU Cairo awards our community's bright students

By Rubina Aslanian

For the 7th consecutive year, AGBU Cairo awarded on Thursday (06 December 2007) certificates of excellence and cash prizes to our community?s Egyptian Armenian students who have accomplished remarkable results in the 2006-2007 school year. The award proceedings were held at the HMEM Nubar Cairo club on Thursday 6th December.

The ceremony, which is being organized since 2001 thanks to the Union?s Chaker fund, comes in appreciation to our community?s bright students? educational achievements. It is also the occasion to encourage them to broaden their personal successes to wider communal accomplishments.

Prizes were awarded for Cairo?s final year students of primary, preparatory and secondary stages who obtained a 90% mark or more, as well as for university graduates who have obtained ?very good? or ?excellent? grades.

In a pleasant and friendly atmosphere, the reception started after all the students and the fresh graduates arrived with their families.

AGBU Cairo chairman, Dr. Viken Djizmedjian, gave a friendly speech to the students, congratulating them for their personal accomplishments and encouraging them to continue their efforts to seek more successes at both personal and communal levels, as they might be the ones responsible of our Armenian community in the future. He also stressed on the importance of investing such personal distinction for the service of others whether at the level of their families, our community or even more for their mother country.

After the speech, a 30 minute DVD was displayed about the celebrations of the AGBU centennial in Armenia, which was quite interesting.

Finally, it was time to distribute the cash prizes and the certificates of recognition to our bright Armenian students. This year 13 students were awarded: 2 primary stage graduates, 7 secondary stage graduates and 4 university graduates. Parents were happy and proud of their children while they were being awarded.

The cash prizes awarded were as follows:
– Primary final year graduates: 100 LE
– Preparatory final year graduates: 200 LE
– Secondary final year graduates: 500 LE
– University final year graduates:
Grade: Very good: 800 LE
Grade: Excellent: 1000 LE

A special ceremony for the brilliant students of Alexandria will be held at a date yet to be fixed.

Source: Website of AGBU Egypt, Cairo, 06 December 2007