Dr. Tessa Hofmann lectures in Damascus

Dr. Tessa Hofmann lectures in Damascus

TESSA HOFMANN GERMAN SCHOLAR OF ARMENIAN GENOCIDEA lecture dedicated to the 91st anniversary of the Armenian Genocide was delivered at the Saint Sarkis Armenian church of Damascus on 28 April 2006. Dr. Tessa Hofmann (see biography below) spoke on the theme Germany and Armenia: Facing Historic Responsibility.” Touching upon the Genocide reality, Tessa Hofmann made a detailed historic review, particularly emphasizing Germany's complicity and participation in the Genocide as well as Germany's silence in the process of recognition and condemnation of the Genocide (Reported by Noyan Tapan news agency, 8 May 2006).


Dr. Tessa Hofmann (photo left) is a member of the Eastern Europe Institute of the Free University of Berlin and author or editor of ten books on Armenian history and culture. She is also a volunteer human rights activist and defender of minority rights since 1979 and has published or lectured on many occasions on the situation of the Armenian minority of Turkey. In this capacity, she is also an expert for German federal authorities and administrative courts dealing with asylum applications of Turkish citizens of Armenian ethnic background.


Other activities in Damascus marking the 91th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide:


Events dedicated to the 91st anniversary of the Armenian Genocide were held in the Armenian community of Damascus.


The Holy Mass was celebrated on 23 April 2006 at the Saint Sarkis Armenian church (photo right). Wreaths were laid at the Martyrs' Monument, followed with cultural program presented by the Armenian organizations.


George Parseghian said in his speech: “If Armenia's independence was a dream for us and today it has come true, then we are sure that the international recognition of the Armenian Genocide is a vision as well that will become reality”.


Primate Bishop Armash Nalbandian addressed a commandment at the Holy Mass. Bishop Rimon Id, the Primate of the Maronite church of Damascus was present at the liturgy. He prayed in front of the Martyrs' Monument, expressing his support to the Armenian people.


After the liturgy, the crowd headed to the cemetery where a requiem at the

Martyrs' Monument was also held.


Datev Basmajian, pastor of the Armenian evangelical church of Damascus addressed commandment at the cemetery. The Holy Mass was also celebrated at the Armenian Catholic church of Damascus late on April 24.


In the afternoon, Bishop Nalbandian and representatives of Damascus

Armenian unions visited the Embassy of Armenia and left a notice in the memorial register.


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– Dr. Tessa Hofmann

– Saint Sarkis Armenian Church in Damascus, Syria.