Music of Armenia interviews Eva Rivas, Armenia's Eurovision 2010 star

Music of Armenia interviews Eva Rivas, Armenia's Eurovision 2010 star

Eva RivasEva Rivas will represent Armenia in the Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo this year with her song “Apricot Stone”. She speaks to Hasmik Movsisian about her plans, ambitions and dreams.

Where do you currently live and work?
I am currently based in Armenia where I am preparing for the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 in Oslo. I am studying English and Armenian. I?m also working with a voice coach.

Do you think you will devote your entire life and career only to singing (music) or do you have other plans too?
I am currently studying at the South State University (in Rostov) in the World Economics faculty, but I don?t think that there will be a time when I am an Economist. Singing is the main passion in my life and has been since I was a child. All of my dreams and desires have always been connected with music.

Who, in the music world do you look up to and see as your idol and would like your music career to be like their careers?
I have four people who I have always looked up to. First, I have always admired Michael Jackson?s talent. I also always listened to Whitney Houston and Christina Aguilera, and I considered their music to be educational. Now, my idol is Lara Fabian. She has amazingly beautiful and strong voice. She doesn?t only sing, she tells a story from her heart which I think is the key to her success. I also want to sing that way, telling a story.

Is there one musician that you would like to collaborate with (in a duet) in your music career?
I would like to sing with Charles Aznavour. He is a living legend.

What music do you like listening to and do you have one all time favourite song?
I don?t have an all time favourite song. I like to think of myself as a musical gourmet. I can listen to all types of music and can hear that special something in all of them. It also depends on my mood.

Do you personally like “Apricot Stone” song or do you only think it is a good commercial song and a good choice?
Of course I love it!

Do you think you (Armenia) have a chance of winning this year's Eurovision Song Contest or at least being in top 5 and why?
I think I have a great chance to win ESC. I have an excellent song, good voice, a professional group, a bright personality and I am going to have an amazing show!

Who in your opinion from the Armenian musicians who in the past represented Armenian in the Eurovision Song Contest gave the best performance overall and why?
I can honestly say that Sirusho gave the best performance. I think her performance was great because of the same things that will make my performance great.

Is there an Armenian musician you wish to work with?
I would like to work with Charles Aznavour, and I am looking forward to working with Jivan Gasparian.

Who is your biggest and perhaps only hero in life?
I have to say that my parents are my only heroes. I love them very much and I always try to be like them.

Is there anything you regret doing or not having done yet?
No, I don?t see any point in having regrets. I always like to look forward and not back.

Is there anything that you want to do and you know that you will definitely do one day?
I want to go to the top of Mount Ararat. I have a friend who has done it and he has promised that he will take me when I am ready.

Do you have a favourite quotation? Could you tell us?
My favourite quotation is from Caesar, ?Come, see, win?

Do you have a favourite joke? Could you tell us?
I can?t say I have a favourite joke, but I always joke with my friends.

Do you have a message for your fans?
I would like to thank my fans for all the support. I hope that you will sing “Apricot Stone” with me for maaaaaany years. This is the most important thing for me. First of all, this will be my victory. I am very happy that I was chosen to represent my native country. Of course, I understand that this is also a GREAT responsibility and I would like you to know that I am full of strength and confidence, I will perform at the highest level and make you all proud of me.

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Eva Rivas: Apricot Stone (Eurovision 2010)

Eva Rivas will represent Armenia in the Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo 2010 with her song “Apricot Stone”.

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    She does not speak a word of Armenian and she is representing Armenia in one of the most renowned song competitions in the world.


    Yes, she is tall and pretty and has hired the genius Armen Mardirossian to create a nice song for her, but she does not speak Armenian or know anything about Armenian music or culture… if you ask me, she belongs in a beauty contest!

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