Nishan Basmajian starts a new website in UAE

Nishan Basmajian starts a new website in UAE

Nshanag logoNishan Basmajian, a well-known community figure in the UAE, has started his own website under the name “nshanag” (dart board).

The website, which comes in the form of a blog, will be mainly in Armenian language and aims to be a “meeting point for intellectuals”.

In his website, Basmajian plans to host different subjects, including articles on literature, art, education, religion, etc. Material about the Armenian reality would be posted as well.

Basmajian hopes to revive the habit of reading in Armenian by reprinting 1-2 pages from alternative sources (usually books), a practice which was familiar in old time Armenian newspapers (called Terton).

The website aspires to cover additional topics including pass-time reading stuff, anecdotes, children writings etc.

“The website will provide space for viewpoints, articles, constructive criticism and  serious, well-researched and substantiated suggestions by the readers”, underlines  Basmajian.

The first posting in the blog is a word of greeting from author Nishan Basmajian, where he describes, in sincere words, his first hesitant steps in creating the website. He mentions Eric Zohrab as the person who encouraged him to take the first step and the one who assisted him technically to realize the project. He also mentions two website (Azad-Hye, Gibrahayer), that  served as examples for his journey to the cyberspace.

At the end of the welcome note, Basmajian asks people of all ages to assist in making the project a success.

Nishan Basmajian“In this website, with daily frequency, an effort would be made to write about a phenomenon, an idea, a case, an incident that inspires national pride, a personality, in order to satisfy the desire for contributing, on daily basis, even in a small percentage, to the intellectual progress of the readers”, concludes Basmajian.

We congratulate Nishan Basmajian for this daring step and we wish him all the best in this very difficult domain. It is a very interesting event to witness the rising of such a promising website / blog in our community. A website, that with continuous care and devotion, could gradually acquire a pan-Armenian status. Above all, it could transfer to a forum for discussions and exchange of views, reflecting eventually our concerns and aspirations as individuals and as a nation.

In Azad-Hye we will try to reprint some of the topics that would be posted in the new website and translate selective articles or paragraphs to English, in order to spread the benefit to non-Armenian speaking compatriots all over the world.

The website: