Oasis summer program in Lebanon

Oasis summer program in Lebanon

The opening of the educational and recreational ?Oasis XIII? summer program

In the morning of Monday, the 4th of July 2011, there was a joyful action in the courtyard of the Armenian Catholic Mesrobian High School and Technical College. More than 250 students, coming from different schools in Lebanon as well as from foreign countries, participated in the educational and recreational “Oasis” Summer Program that was launched by Mesrobian Technical College.
By tradition, the “Oasis” classes are divided into two large groups: “Little Masis” and “Big Masis” that are divided, in their turn, into 13 classes, each one carrying the historic names of Western Armenia?s regions, mountains and cities such as Erzurum, Marash, Sassoun, Adana, Moush, Van, Sis, Ani, Gesaria, Dikranagerd, Aintab, Amanos, Zeytoun. Alongside these classes, there are also arts and crafts, Kung Fu, singing, sport, and drawing and computer classes.
Traditionally, Father Garabed Tateossian blessed the big family of “Oasis” with bahbanich prayer and asked God to keep safe all the participants and let them spend joyful days free of concern and danger. After that, all the participants said together the “Lord?s Prayer” and the “Hail Mary Prayer” and they wished each other a good and safe summer.
Then, Mesrobian High School and Technical College Principal Mr. Gregoire Kaloust addressed his speech to the students by saying “This is the 13th opening of Oasis that we are celebrating together. We are going to spend joyful and amusing days together with more than 250 students. We have participants from Armenia, France, Dubai, Canada and USA. Together, we will live moments full of Armenian spirit and I hope that Oasis runs smoothly like the previous years, for the secret of its success is in respecting, loving and helping each other. Consequently, I wish you a successful, very useful and joyful Oasis”.
Mr. Kaloust also mentioned that the Oasis activities start from 9:00 am and last till 1:30 pm. In addition, the “Oasis” summer program of this year includes two new activities tennis and bicycle.

Alongside the arts and crafts, painting, Kung Fu and other interesting activities, interesting and pleasant journeys will be made once a week.

“Oasis” summer program is directed by experienced educators and teachers.

Source: Mesrobian Technical College newsletter
Year 2010-2011
Issue No. 119, 12 July 2011

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