Online books for Diaspora Armenians by Zangak Publishing House

Online books for Diaspora Armenians by Zangak Publishing House

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The Ministry of Education and Science in Armenia has tied up with Zangak Publishing House to make educational e-books available to Armenians abroad.

The move comes at a time when law regarding schools with foreign language curriculum is scheduled for voting in the National Assembly.

In a message placed in the Ministry's electronic library Minister Armen Ashodyan acknowledges the need for developing educational means in Armenia and abroad, taking advantage of the worldwide technological progress. “The old teaching methods are no longer effective”, he states, stressing meanwhile the need for establishing a competitive, updated and contemporary educational system.  

Ashodyan mentions the electronic library not only as a way for maximizing the use of modern technologies and accessing Armenian educational books through easy downloading, but also for the purpose of gathering quick and meaningful feedback. This will assist the Ministry's understanding of the existing educational needs in Armenia and Diaspora.

Ashodyan admits that Diaspora Armenians currently receive only printed textbooks. “You will agree with me that in the 21st century it is impossible to supply all Diaspora communities with printed manuals”, he says. As a solution he suggests further developing the e-book project. 

Besides the textbooks, the electronic library provides information about children's literature, internet projects, methodological libraries, learning aids and online films about Armenian culture, history and geography. 

The library is created by Tatev Scientific and Educational Complex and is now in the experimental phase.

Online textbook (in Eastern Armenian) 

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