Sharjah & Dubai Armenians got talent

Sharjah & Dubai Armenians got talent

Azad-Hye Special

The Cultural Committee of the Armenian Community in Dubai and Northern Emirates organized an evening dedicated to the Armenian Woman with the participation of talented members of the community who performed Armenian dance, music, songs & poetry. The event took place on Friday, March 4th, 2011, at the Armenian Community Centre. 

The long awaited talent show was a discovery for the audience. They were all surprised to see so many gifted individuals of different ages in our community.

On behalf of the committee, Alin Balian welcomed the audience. The event was aided by Niri Misirian (presentation) and Noriar Kazandjian (technical).

List of participants:

Dance: Talar Kalmajian, Nvart Tengerian, Lucin Yazedjian, Rita Demirdjian, Talar Kazandjian.
Musical play: Suzan Ohanian (piano), Varak Hovsepian (guitar), Noushig Demirdjian, Ohan Balian (guitar)
Song: Lucy Demirdjian, Vartug Karagulleyan, Maria Baghdoyan, Raffi Haleblian, Lara Matosian, Vahe Der Hmayagian. 
Poem reciting: Alis Misrelian, Natali Baghdoyan, Viken Kilenjian, Alin Balian. 
Mimicking nature sounds: Mihran Mihranian.

Photos provided by Alin Balian.