Indian students in Yerevan organize cultural night


By Elena Andreasyan

As we know, Indo-Armenian relations have been strong for ages and now Armenia intends to improve the partnership with India. There is a festival in India called Diwali. It is celebrated in India for over 7000 years. Diwali is one of the most joyful festivals in India. We, Armenian, had the opportunity to participate in this beautiful festival too. Like in previous years, this year also it was celebrated at grand level. This year it took place on November 13.

The event was organized by Indian students of Yerevan State Medical University. Pleasantly nice atmosphere and high mood was provided. The hall was decorated with colorful lights. The guests? hearts were captivated with variegated colors. It seemed like we all were in fairy India and there would come a miracle soon?

The event started when the honorable ambassador on India to Armenia Mr Achal Kumar Malhotra went on the stage lighted the candles and greeted everyone on the occasion of this beautiful festival.

And the performances began. For a moment they made us forget the daily routine and transformed us to India where each words and each confession was being made through song and dances. Our young compatriots also performed Indian songs and dances flawlessly. Especially everyone?s heart was captured with a beautiful romantic song ?Ho gaya hai tujko pyar sajna? from Bollywood movie DDLJ, performed by Armenians Avet and Meri.

During the event The co-founder of Facebook based group ?India-Armenia Friendship? Ms Ruzanna Ashughyan presented the guests about the aims and activity of the group: ?The group was launched more that 1 year ago by Mr Rananjay Anand from India to start a new chapter in the bilateral relationship of India and Armenia with a clear intention of creating PEOPLE2PEOPLE connection between us. In the course of time as the group was growing quite rapidly we envisaged a benchmarked relationship, to make it more serious and deep dived one. Our goal became to make all those people together who have any connection and interest to the relationship between these two countries comes together. Now among the members of the group are Armenians living or studying in India, Indians living or studying in Armenia, people who are tied with the countries with their profession or hobbies. This is a non-political and non-profit platform to strengthen India-Armenia Relationship. We appeal to all those people to join this group, who want to see these two great countries together. Shortly from now we are launching an official platform called India-Armenia Foundation which will be the connecting ?BRIDGE? between India and Armenia to promote people to people connection, strengthen cultural, Socio-economic ties, Trade engagement and also in long term developing environmental guidance through Sustainable Development programs?.
After the performances the guests were invited to the reception of Indian cuisine, which was provided by ?Cactus? restaurant. And then endless dances began on the dance floor?

This event one more time proved the warm relationship between Armenians and Indians.

Long live Indo-Armenian relationship!

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  1. Special thanks Elena Andreasian for short, but interesting report ! :)

  2. Ruzanna Ashughyan December 29, 2010, 4:34 am

    Elena has been an ardent lover of India and it's beautiful culture since her childhood. It's her love only, that made her to learn HINDI on her own, without any teacher. She can speak, understand and write Hindi (BUT not in Devnagari script, which is Hindi language script). She's got almost more than 2500 DVDs/VCDs of Bollywood movie, TV Program and Awards.
    She is one of the most enthusiastic and active members of INDIA-ARMENIA FRIENDSHIP group. Thanks Elena jan for your drdication and love.

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