Bedros Aslanian

Bedros Aslanian


Ethiopian-Armenian, resident of the United Arab Emirates for more than three decades. Member of the “Central Committee for the Construction of the Sharjah Church” (1998) and a major donor.

In 1980 he was appointed as Chairman of the National Administration (Azkayin Varchoutyoun) of Sharjah and the Northern Emirates, a position that he kept until 1994.

As appreciation for his community serving efforts he was bestowed with the coveted “Cilician Knight” (Asbed) medal.

In 2005, during a special ceremony that took place in Etchmiadzin, Karekin II, Catholicos of All Armenians, awarded Bedros Aslanian with “Saint Nerses the Gracious” (Sourp Nerses Shnorhali) medal, one of the highest medals of the Armenian Apostolic Church, as acknowledgment for his services to the Armenian Church and Nation.

Combining the gratitude and the medals of both Armenian Catholicosal Sees (All Armenians See in Etchmiadzin, Armenia and the Cilician See in Antelias, Lebanon) Bedros Aslanian has become a symbol of reunion. He continues to serve his Community.

On private business level he and his wife Rita are the founders of “Technochem Services Establishment”, a family business since 1978, based in Sharjah. With Aslanian's extensive knowledge in the printing industry, the company's product line grew to printing inks, press chemicals, printing machinery and all other auxiliaries concerned with the printing industry, covering the whole Gulf market, with branch offices in Armenia and Ethiopia.

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