Giragos Kuyumjian

Giragos Kuyumjian

Giragos KuyumjianBorn in 1946, Giragos is the son of Nersis and Mary Kuyumjian.

Kuyumjian is the grandson of deceased Hagop Kuyumjian, who immigrated from the village of Jibin (Romegala) in Cilicia to Syria.

He resides in Kuwait since 1971 and is the Managing Director (CEO) and partner of Industrial Metal Center Co. W.L.L. (Kuwait), in Shuwaikh, Kuwait City (Website:

He is a frequent contributor to Armenian and Arab press on Armenian subjects.

Some of his articles have been published in Azad-Hye's English and Arabic websites (see examples below).

Giragos is married to Silva and they have 4 children.

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